I have been very neglectful of my duty as an MTK fan.  Five games in a row missed since early October in which time MTK won four, lost one and scored eighteen.  It is fair to say that their good form has continued as we move into the colder part of year (often known as winter).

I was freezing having landed back a week earlier from far sunnier climes and still not recovered from the jet lag and shock of the aforementioned winter, but I had survived the working week to make it until the most important day of the week, Sunday.  (Hopefully, this is a temporary thing as I much prefer Saturday football as dished up in the top flight.) 


The start

Visitors this week were Zalaegerszeg, a team name that no foreign journalist has ever got close to pronouncing.  And they have had exposure to foreign journalists despite their current wallowing in the second tier.  Back in 2002-03, the club beat a pretty good Man United team 1-0 in the UEFA Cup in a game moved to Budapest.  They were then hammered 5-0 in the return leg.  But still.  The team had been a well-established top tier team for the 21st century until relegation in 2012.  Since then, they have been unable to bounce back and are not going to do so this season either with a solid midtable finish looking most likely.


MTK sit top and go into the game level on points with Kisvarda who played a little earlier on in the day. 


Like many MTK games at home against unfamiliar opposition I do not have much to say on this one.  Zalaegerszeg were ok and did not allow MTK much opportunity to play.  They sat back and tried to catch something on the break with semi-success.  It was 0-0 deep into the game when I needed a wee with 12 minutes to go having accepted that it was not going to be our day.  It transpired I was wrong (well I was right about going for a wee) with Vass Patrick breaking the deadlock.  Talaber Attila then added a second to round off the victory.


The end

Tim Top Fact – MTK have 17 league goal scorers this season.  That is incredible.  Almost half of the league has not scored 17 goals in total.

MTK go away to Kisvarda next week in the first meeting between the two teams who will be promoted this season.  Unless MTK get a humping they will still be top.  I will go home next week thereby avoiding/missing out on the 9+ hour return trip to the Ukrainian border.

Following that will be four games in two weeks to close out the Hungarian football calendar for 2017 and put me into an eight week football slumber.


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