Devil’s little brother

Soroksar.  Let’s call this one the biggest derby of the season.  Soroksar is Budapest.  Just.  The 23rd of 23 districts located closer to Serbia than Heroes’ Square (hyperbole) is also semi-affiliated with Ferencvaros.  Boo.  Soroksar finished fourth last season and look good for promotion until they faded away on the closing stretch.  This briefly raised the possibility of six Budapest teams in the top flight and at the time only two stadiums.  (At the time, Soroksar and Ujpest’s homes did not meet requirements, Vasas’ home was rubble and Honved’s was due to follow).  As it turned out, the prospect of Budapest’s teams being scattered all over the country was alleviated (quite easily).

Warm up

Soroksar’s links with Ferencvaros run deep.  The manager is Lipcsei Peter, who knocked up 400 games for them and is most famous in these parts for this dive.

The love/hate for Sanyi is in many ways driven by the Lipcsei’s simulation following that clean as anything tackle.  Soroksar also have seven players on loan from Ferencvaros (which I am sure should contravene some rules) including a certain Silye Erik who grew up in the neighbouring house to my Granny-in-Law.  I had a great ‘My Granny-in-Law’s house is better than your Mum’s’ chant lined up for him, but he was injured so I will pack that one away for the return match in the spring.  Soroksar are not going so well this season firmly ensconced in midtable possibly after the loss of Lovrencsics Balazs who was their standout last season (who was recalled to parent club…Ferencvaros) and Gengeliczki Gergő who has joined MTK (and looked good for it).

Despite last week’s loss at Dorog, MTK are in form and added a 9-0 win in the cup against some village to their list of early season successes.  I went/go for a standard 2-0 prediction (I struggle with tenses).


Semaphore classes progressing slowly.

My prediction was quickly threatened as Soroksar contrived to make a hash of a promising opportunity.  MTK started very slowly and it was probably the worst 20 minutes that I have seen from them this season and Soroksar deserved to take the lead at the end of those 20 minutes.  The ball dropped to Gyepes Gabor (110+ Ferencvaros appearances) at the edge of the area and has shot took a wicked deflection to leave young Demjen in goal stranded.  Fortunately, MTK shook themselves from their slumber and equalized five minutes later through Gengeliczki Gergő, who struck with the goal against former club curse as he powered in a header from an excellent corner.  MTK nearly repeated the trick minutes later, but this time his header looped up onto the bar.  From this point onwards, MTK took control of the game.  Farkas Balazs starting for the first time showed why he was once a starter at Dinamo Kiev.  First by being part of some incredible tika taka (although his reluctance to shoot probably cost the chance) and then by slotting a ball home from the edge of the area to give MTK the lead.  MTK went in 2-1.

The first half was punctuated by regular announcements from the tannoy that fans should engage sporting behaviour and support for their team.  Given that MTK are a fairly placid bunch, it must have been the away fans (who looked like a rough bunch around the ground pre-match).  The Hungarian FA are pretty liberal with their fines (Dorog were fined EUR 325 for trying to kill me with a smoke bomb last week) so I suspect we will find out more when the disciplinary board meets later this week.  I would say that NBII has much more feist around the games.  I am not sure why this is.  Probably a combination of MTK being seen as a big club, while at the same time we have the supporter base of a much smaller club meaning we are a fairly easy target for these provincials.  There has been far more frission in the stands this year then any of the previous four or five I have been involved in.  It makes a change.  These away games against Budapest teams in 2018 might be interesting.

Scoreboard can only cope with four scorers

MTK came out and played wonderfully in the second half.  Vass Patrick scored after good work from Korozman meant he had to put into an empty net from a yard out.  MTK did leave themselves very open (possibly due to the ongoing and unexplained omission of Vass Adam) and Soroksar threated to get back into the game with numerous good chances and then did get back into the game thanks to Pal Andras (100+ games for MTK(!)); however, a Kanta wonder strike and a Hrepka penalty closed out the scoring on a very enjoyable game.  5-2 with five different scores and none of them were Sanyi.  23 goals in 10 games with 14 different scorers.  Actually, that is an incredible stat.  A few teams probably have not used 14 different outfield players so far this season.  This probably shows the depth of the MTK squad and given that this result takes us back to the top, it also shows the quality.

Next week is Kazincbaracka, home of Hungary’s large chemical plant, who are in scorching form and are joint second and just two points behind MTK.  Will I go?  Who knows?  The games are being played in Tiszaujvaros, home of Hungary’s large petro-chemical plant.  Those boys love heavy industry.

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