Csak egy csok

Football is back.  Real football and not the football that just plays along in the background of my life.  As you all (should) know by now, MTK were dumped out of the top flight after a season of mediocrity culminating in a draw at Paks when we knew a win would have been enough.  There were tears.  But we brush ourself down and get on with it.

There have been big changes at the club since that fateful day two months ago.  New mangers and new players (many of them returning to the club) give us some hope for the season ahead.  A bigger squad.  A sense of direction.  I wrote all about it here.

Whereas last season it took until March to get a supporter’s bus, there was no such wait this season.  And we even made a long afternoon of it with a trip to Lake Velence (the little brother of Balaton) where we stopped for a langos, beer and a dip.  I did not dip.  My Englishness makes me fearful of open water.  Also I am fearful of most things.  Anyhow, it was lovely apart from the lack of ventilation in the minibus which meant I was pretty close to passing out.  Still I survived long enough to make it to Csakvar.


Prematch scran.

Home of 2,000 people, I was not expecting too much.  Which was lucky because there was not too much.  Our minibus was directed down ever narrowing roads with ever less tarmac until we could go no further.  So we got out and walked down the mud track to the entrance of the away end.  HUF 1,000 seemed fairly steep to be honest for what is no more than a mud bank.  Well it was not muddy and there were also some seats.  MTK had come in some number (150-180), which was pretty impressive.  The away end was busy with not much room the right side of the hedge.  There was also a good beer selection (Krusovice Light and Dark and a few lagers).  I could get used to this. 


Facilities.  A dirt track to the away end and a beer holding hedge.

MTK settled like a duck to water as well and were two up inside the half hour.  Left back Bence Deutsch nodded in from a setpiece and Roland Takacs found himself in a world of space to slot past the keeper.  It could/should have been more.  Lencse had a simple chance, which he should have scored and there were a few other half chances as well.  It looked all so promising.  Double figures briefly flashed up in my mind as a possibility.  MTK did not dominate the ball, but looked like tearing through the hosts every time they came forward.


Winners.  The sweat palm thing is back.

The second half was much more different.  MTK did not get going and Csakvar gradually clawed themselves back in to the game.  A scrambled goal with seven minutes left made the last moments far too tense.  Csakvar thorugh the keeper up and probably had the chance to get an equalizer.  It would have been harsh on MTK.  In the end, three points were won.  And that is what this season will be about more than any other.  Just picking up the points to finish in the Top 2 after 38 matches. 

Next week, Cegled come to the UHNS.



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