In the interest of brevity and getting up to speed, let me bash through the next few rounds of fixtures.



The first home game of the season when you wander back into the stadium with a spring in your step, the sun in your eyes and a bellyful of hope.  This time the hope had been replaced by froccs.  Anyone who has read more than two paragraphs knows that I quite like a beer.  But my good friend, Lewis, was in town and beer does things to his constitution so we took the classic summer Hungarian concoction (too strong a word) of rose and bubbly water.  We call it a spritzer.  They call it froccs.  Froccs is both an art and a science.  The art is making sure you do not order any wine that would be drinkable straight.  We are talking about plastic bottle, bottom shelf stuff here.  The science comes in the ratios.  Hungarians have a huge array of ratios.  1 wine:1 water is a kisfroccs (small froccs).  2 wine:2 water is a nagyfroccs (big froccs).  1 wine:4 water is a sport froccs (you can get that one).  There is even a football themed 6:3 froccs.  I refuse to order it.  I can be a proud Englishman when required.


Too many fans.

Anyways we were buzzing by kickoff.  Torghelle scored from a yard after some atrocious defending.  Cegled equalized on the stroke of halftime and looked like they may sneak a point despite MTK’s domination.  Torghelle said no.  And scored a soaring header with just over ten left.



Two wins from two.



I was looking forward to this game from the moment we were relegated being next door to Mrs TimmyB’s home town.  But we decided to go on holiday to Albania (where the bloody football season would not start for three weeks).


Good pitches in Albania

The hosts were relegated from NBI two years ago and still have designs on a return.  MTK drew 0-0 and went down to 10.


7 points from 9.



Still in Albania.  MTK still not losing.  3-0.  VAC lost two men and a couple of penalties and then got upset.

10 points from 12.



A really convenient 1730 away game.  I was touch and go as to whether I would make it.  From the highs of my boss taking the day off to the lows of a 1600 meeting called as I was walking out of the door.  I sulked throughout that meeting.

MTK left it late, but Hrepka came off the bench to score a last minute winner.  Where have we seen that before.  Oh here J

13 points from 15.



Another day.  Another win.  Budafok came up from the third tier last year: a year which included an improbable run to the cup semi-final.  Where they conceded over a dozen goals in two legs against Fradi.  They were only slightly better here against MTK, who looked a level above (well last year it was two levels above).

4-1 and another two goals for Sanyi including a wonderful lob from the halfway line to open the scoring.  It was a very late consolation for the guests and courtesy of the previously impeccable Viktor Szentpeteri.



16 from 18 points.



The game was not played in Budaors, but instead in Tatabanya.  Oh Hungarian football.  I was running away from bears in Aggtellek.  MTK won 2-0.


19 points from 21.



The toughest game of the season so far against a good team.  The game immediately looked better quality with both teams stringing together more than two passes on several occasions.  I went to a beer festival pre-game which is never a great idea.  Actually, it is always a great idea.  Youngster Schafer scored from a corner after 15 minutes and Lencse added one from the spot shortly before the break.  And that was that.  An incredible start to the season with seven wins and a draw from eight games.  MTK sitting pretty from Kisvarda two points behind and the chasing back a further three back.


Gedeon with a gun to their back.




What could possibly go wrong….


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