Loving you isn’t the right thing to do

So this is how it ends.  It was coming.  I don’t lie.  A pitter patter of a season that ended with the wet whimper of a team that probably deserved better from the club’s management and leadership.
The equation was simple.  Beat Paks and survive.  Don’t beat Paks and head to Hungary’s second tier: a place from which we may never return.  Paks is Hungary’s centre of nuclear power.  A place that is funded directly from Moscow after Orban Viktor’s trip to the Red Square saw him U-Turn on his commitment to the liberal values.  “Orban Vikor.  Fuck your Mum,” went the chant.  Apt as fuck for a man who will one day meet the fate of Ceacescu.  We don’t want your stadiums.  We don’t want your latent racism and anti-Semitism.  Shame Vidi, didn’t win the league 😉
It is a frickin park.
Back from that tangent.  We met at the UHNS.  We were two buses plus some cars and some beers and some whisky (no E Irish people).  Three beers seemed an appropriate amount for the 90 minutes journey to Paks.  Wrong.  Two were polished off before we left the car park.  A service station provided another two, which meant by the time we arrive I could indicate the number of beers I had using an outstretched palm.  Throw in a hefty whisky cola and I was buzzing.
Vass Adam was out.  Suspended.  Had I missed his last game in an MTK shirt?  Cheers, Adam.  You were brilliant.
MTK were also buzzing for the first 8 minutes.  But only a couple of half chances of vague note.  And then it happened.  A team that has averaged slightly above no goals a game ran out of ideas.  Paks came into the game.  But we sang.  All 400 of us.  My voice is hoarse, but for the first time at MTK it felt like it meant something.  It really did.   Paks should have led.  Half time came.  The nails got nibbled.   And some more.  MTK did the square root of f’’k all (not sure why I self censored the swearing this time).  Paks’ goal in the last minute sealed our fate.  I missed our equaliser (incidentally another brialliant Hrepka finish) in injury time as I sat staring at my heels wondering how it had come to this.  How did it come to this?  Why did I bother?  Why is it important?  It just is.  It is not rational, but life does not have to be rational.
Some players couldn’t careless.  Others were clearly hurt.  Not broken but hurt.  Were we the second worst team in the league?  Probably.  Never got going.  Couldn’t score.
Where do we go from here?  First home.  Paks is as bland as a town can get.  Enjoy the radiation.  Which players will be here next year?  Torghelle, Vass, Poor, Kanta are expensive NBII players.  But who else wants them?  Time to recall our youngsters from loan?  Tamasi Zsolt can fuck right off.  When you are falling off a cliff, you scream.  You do not point out that all is fine because you have not yet splattered on the floor.  Well we have splattered on the floor.  And who suffers?  Me.  Mosonmagyarvar.  Shit.
Burn this town/service station
That is me done for 16/17.  Now officially a supporter of failure.
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