One foot in the grave.

About as bad as it gets.  I’ll try and keep this one short, but it may inevitably turn into one long whine.  3-0 down at home at half-time to your biggest rivals knowing that defeat would mean going to sleep in the relegation zone with three games left.  Throw in the fact that the MTK sector was full of grinning Ferencvaros fans (I generously call them fans as the real Ferencvaros fans would be out in force for their reserve game on Sunday as they continue their boycott in protest against their idiot chairman Kubatov) and it was a pretty bad place to be.


Full moon for the horror show ahead

A 2030 kick-off on a Saturday inevitably meant I could enjoy my tram beer without feeling overly conscious of my tram beer.  I guess when you lose that consciousness is the only time that you know you have a problem (or maybe it is when you lose your home and resort to curling up in a shopping trolley like the tramp lady at the tram stop.  Nepszinhaza utca – the terminus for the tram from Blaha Lujza to UHNS is an interesting place.  A justifiable reputation to being a street to another world or time.  I have never read Dickens, but I imagine a modern-day Dickens set in Hungary would be set in Nepszinhaz utca.


Party tram

The tram took about 15 minutes and enough time to finish my beer and contemplate the future.  MTK had won their last five home games against the team from 1.5km around Hungaria korut although these home games had been played at four different stadiums as MTK turned into a vagrant whilst its home was rebuilt in the style of a carpark in Hampshire.  This was the first so-called Orokrangado (Eternal Derby) or Az Klasszikus at the UHNS and we were back under lights for the first time since the stadium opening gala match back in October.  I stepped off the tram with a misplaced degree of optimism this was despite news of a draw for Diosgyor and a win for Debrecen moving MTK into the basement.  Mezokovesd had been hammered at home so a win would have put us well on our way to safety.  My optimism was immediately clouded by the amount of green shirts loitering around and walking up to and entering MTK sections of the stadium.  Huha.

I did a quick lap of the stadium (because I was a bit early) before ducking in the stadium.  They were everywhere.  Having been locked inside our own stadium for our safety whilst 300 Vasas/Ujpest/Honved fans vacated the area, it seemed ironic that we were now locked inside our own stadium with our biggest rivals.  It also turned out that half of them had been handed out free tickets by MTK.  Cheers.  Sadly (or wonderfully) MTK is such a wet (or nice) club that we are quite happy to have our rivals in colours wander around the inside of our stadium without too much of a complaint.  Orban’s security firm, Valton, who puff out their chests and happily bark out orders at most MTK home games were strangely quiet/impotent.


The smell…;)

All this was made ten times more delightful when Ferencvaros took the lead after less than ten minutes.  The usually reliable Poor let Varga run off him and head home from a pretty good cross.  This was a couple of minutes after Kanta had been (arguably) tripped in the box.  Oh how different it could have been if the ref had given that.  As it was MTK went limp.  Ferencvaros scored another from a vicious deflection before putting home the third with the last kick of the first half.

The Ferencvaros fans around us started crowing.  Valton stood on realizing it is much easier to pick on people with glasses than fat, angry Ferencvaros fans.  I blew a few kisses.  Nothing like confusing an angry, homophobic football fan by showing some affection.

The game was done.  MTK came out and puffed a bit getting a goal on 79 minutes through a neat finish from Ramos.  It was too little too late.  Security decided to let us out into the street as the whistle went realizing that if a fight had not happened already in the stadium, then it probably wouldn’t outside.  Plus outside the stadium the police can worry about and Valton probably are not too keen on doing any real work apart from looking serious in their fluorescent jackets.

The bottom looks very interesting.  Noone is safe.  Diosgyor very much have fate in their hands playing all three of the teams at the bottom.  Debrecen have the toughest run in.  Who knows where this one is going?!

MTK – 35 points

Mezokovesd – 35

Diosgyor – 35

Debrecen – 37

Honved (A)

Diosgyor (A)

Mezokovesd (H)

Ferencvaros (A)

Diosgyor (H)

Paks (H)


Honved (H)

Paks (A)

Vasas (A)

Debrecen (H)

Diosgyor (A)

But we take each game at a time (felt like a cliché).  Next up is a trip out to Kispest to play table topping Honved who have their own sights on the title or at the very least taking it down to a last day play-off at home to Videoton in what may well be the last ever game at the Bozsik Jozsi.  I don’t really want to spoil that party, but I also don’t want to have to contemplate away trips to Balmazujvaros and Kisvarda next February.

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