Heading to the brink

Spring break is over.  Hungary got a bit of a seeing to in Portugal (which came as no surprise to anyone), but now we can power our way through to the end of this season before jumping head first into Balaton and hoping not to catch dysentery.

This week I go to Gyor.  Actually, I go to Gyirmot, a suburb of Gyor.  Gyor is one of Hungary’s larger towns, but lost its football team in 2014 when its chief backer went bust (shortly after anyone connected to the government removed their funds) and the finances dried up overnight.  Fortunately, Gyor did not go without top flight football for long as the sleepy suburb of Gyirmot supplied a team to the top flight for the start of this season.  Backed by local waste management company, Alcufer (which I will hazard a guess gets a fair share of government contracts), Gyirmot have not set the league alight.  They languish at the foot of the table, eight points from safety and looking more than likely to fall out of the league.

Good directions

Again, I am on the fan bus.  It is certainly an upgrade from the previous trip to Mezokovesd, but we are still a long way from a Venga Bus.  I went high-end craft beer for the journey.  Probably won’t make that mistake again and will stick to cans of lukewarm Soproni.  Get it down: try not to burp it up.

MTK arrive without any of their first choice front 4.  Torghelle, Ramos and Gera are all injured (after a rough and tumble game against Szpartak Szabadka/Spartak Subotica that filled the international break) and Kanta has picked up a suspension (after mistiming one too many challenges).  Hardly ideal going into a game that the management would have been eyeing three points.  In the end, Torghelle made the bench, but there was general surprise that he did not go out from the off and see how long he could last.

Gyirmot’s stadium is on the outskirts of the outskirts of Gyor rising from the fields like a giant breeze block toilet bedecked with blue and yellow corrugated iron.  The bufe was closed, but fortunately there was a weird walkway behind the away end to a refreshement spot run out of the back of Aranyhal (Golden Fish) restaurant also owned by the owner of the club.  Convenient.  They did beer.  Convenient.  I had a beer.  Convenient.

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The away end was again wrapped in netting and fronted by some thick girders that would make you think there is no translation for cantilever in Hungarian.  (Konzolos – I looked it up.)  To our right, there was moderately large stand bathed in sun and reasonably full.  To our left, a small stand, hidden by shade.  The other end saw a building.  It felt like an upgrade on MTK’s wall.  This was like a 3D wall with windows and a door.  Seemingly, it housed the changing rooms as out jogged the players.

MTK were terrible.  No width.  Overrun in the middle of midfield again.  Sorry, Vogyicska, but you are not ready for this league.  Gyirmot dominated the first half forcing a couple of half decent saves from Petkovics.  MTK were attacking towards our end, but I don’t think they had anything better than a snatched shot from Vadnai.  By half-time, it was the consensus that we would take a point back to Budapest and put this behind us.

If concrete were a phoenix and NW Hungary the ashes.

Gyirmot had other ideas and took the game to MTK at the start of the second half.  Petkovics making a couple of saves before seeing his crossbar shaved.  The goal that was coming, finally came.  Simon Andras striking an absolute pearler into the top right corner right beneath us.  Petkovics had no chance.

Torgelle came on as well as young Schafer Andras (born in 1999!), but did little to turn the flow.  Gyirmot continued to control the game with increasingly less urgency as the game went on.  MTK had a glorious chance to snatch an undeserved point in injury time.  Torghelle found himself free about 8 metres out with just a keeper to beat.  But beat the keeper he failed to do.  And that was that.  Gyirmot celebrated like they had not won a game since September: they hadn’t.

Back on the bus.  Back to ‘civilization’.  MTK frustrate in 2017.  We put together a half decent performance (Diosgyor and Vasas) and follow it up with a pile of dross (Paks and Gyirmot).  If we continue to play in the drossful manner, then we will be able to visit the wonders of NBII next season.  It is hard to know which way this is going, but with the three teams beneath MTK all winning this round, only two points stand between the team and the drop.  My pendulum (I have one, do you?) is definitely swinging towards relegation.

Two home games in five days are coming up against solid middle table teams.  It may define the season.

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