Bleak sunshine

Paks.  Saved everyone of us.

Paks is home to Hungary’s nuclear power station and now the focal point of Hungary’s burgeoning opposition to Orban’s governing party.  Following the government’s embarrassing turn around in pulling out of the Olympics 2024 race after the collection of sufficient signatures to trigger a referendum, the focus has shifted to the planned Paks-2 nuclear power station.  Orban signed a fairly secret deal with the Russians to build the plant.  Something that was not put out to public tender.  The deal includes some fairly punitive financing elements and also a cost per KwH that is almost close to exceeding that of the notoriously expensive solar industry.  Another popular blow to the populist government could make next year’s election a little more interesting.

The wall from both sides.  Is this what 3D means?

But who cares about politics when there is the true opium of the masses, footy.

MTK won away to Diosgyor 3-2 last time out and we are hoping to put together back to back wins for the first time in a year.  Paks are a club that will be happy to finish comfortably in mid-table each year.  They are doing exactly that at the moment boosted by ten points from the last four games including a whooping of Mezokovesd last week which saw them 4-0 up at half-time.  Not sure that I have much more to say about Paks except they basically have an exclusively Hungarian side, which is always a positive.

Spring has sprung (although I expect it to go back into its box in the near-term) so it is with a bounce in my step that I head back to the lion’s den that is UHNS.  Let’s do another prediction after last week’s semi-success.  Bloated by last week’s thriller, I will go 3-1 to MTK with Ramos finally getting one and another for Ukrainian wonder kid/mid- to late-20s Kolomec.


A beer.  In a pub.  Bald man.

Oh but how different and hard reality is.  One of my more dispiriting football experiences only tempered by a pre-match trip to the bar opposite the ground, which had the type of gritty feel I want from my bars.  I should have stayed in the bar.  As it was another incredibly soft penalty gave Paks the opportunity to open the scoring.  A corner swung in from the right saw Vass Adam and a Paks player fall to the floor.  Ref consults with fifth official and gives a penalty.  Having watched the replay back, I still struggle to see what the infringement was.  The penalty was blasted past Petkovics to make it 1-0.  A mere handful of minutes later, a corner from the left was flicked on at the near post and stabbed in from a yard or two out.  2-0 with about a quarter of the game gone.  Grr.

If there is one thing that Hungarian teams are good at is passing the ball around aimlessly at the back.  If there is one thing that Hungarian teams are bad at is instigating some sort of high-press.  Paks were very organised and happy to sit on their two goal cushion and soak up what MTK could throw at them.  This turned out to be very little.  MTK has limited width.  Both wide men (Gera and Myke) play as inside forwards and the full-backs (although given more of licence to get forward under new manager Tamasi) do not always do so.  Everything gets channeled through the middle and was relatively comfortable for the visitors.


Final score unti Kanta scored and I forgot to take a photo.

MTK did get one back at the very death as Myke was chopped down in the box with Kanta converting for his 100th goal with the last kick of the game.

Any optimism post-Diosgyor has popped.  Now the pendulum has swung to despair and the hope that both Diosgyor and Gyirmot will continue to be more terrible than MTK.  Vasas are next up at home for MTK: a home that has not been a happy place since it was opened with only one win. With two weeks off for the extended international break, it would be nice to get a point or three.

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