It is has been a bleak winter.  They always are but a combination of asbestos, Shabbat and the beauty of Barcelona have denied me football for the month of January.  To be honest, this is probably a good thing given that it has been very cold and I have spent most of the year battling a cold/acute bronchitis.

Here we are.  The temperature has popped above zero and Spring is thinking about spreading its warm tentacles across the Carpathian Basin.  And the football is back.  MTK are in a pickle and welcome high-flying Honved (Honved have very much not been high-flying for a while and it seems Marco Rossi has managed to stumbled across the right formula in his sixteenth spell at the club.)



Vass Adam now slots back into defence after the retirement of Dragmir Vukovic (I found out about this mid-game) depriving MTK of their midfield anchor.  Borbely Balint slotted in and did well in putting himself about before being hooked at half-time.  A half where we saw none of MTK’s three new signings and little tactical nouse from MTK’s new manager Tamasi Zsolt (bumped up from the youth team just before Crimbo.)  The first half was a damp squib.  Honved created a couple of chances; MTK none.  Honved’s fans were very noisy.  It almost brightens up the car park atmosphere of the UHNS.

The second half was better. From an entertainment perspective.  From an MTK fan perspective, it was an arse.  After a few minutes, Honved’s right wing found himself with all the time in the world to roll the ball to ex-Juventus striker, Davide Lanzafame, who could not miss from three yards out.  Lanzafame was once compared to Cristiano Ronaldo by Alberto Conte.  Hard to see the similarities.  Lanzafame’s actual claim to fame is being suspended for 16 months for match fixing .  He should not have been allowed to set foot on a football pitch again.

MTK (surprisingly) struck back ten minutes later when Vogyicska Balint (our Messi?) broke through the inside left before being chopped down on the turn.  Sanyi stood up smashed the ball home and gave a muted celebration being a Kispest lad and all.  Then came the moment of the match.  The ball bounced around deep in the Honved half, Kanta and the Honved player jumped for the ball, the Honved player fell, catching/colliding with an onrushing Torghelle.  Referee sends off Torghelle.  Torghelle goes a little bit ballistic, but managed to exctricate himself off the pitch before it was too late.  Wrong man sent off.  If Kanta had gone, it would have been an incredibly harsh red.  Torghelle was sent off because of his reputation.  I have now watched this back and maybe it was not so clear cut.  Torghelle did some upper body barging.  It was still pretty tough and he’ll sit out two games because of it.

The ref managed to throw some salt in that open wound by awarding a penalty to Honved on the word of the behind the goal official after a very slight touch of Eppel Marton’s leg by our unassuming left back Vadnai Daniel.  Soft.  Eppel stood up to score another one past his boyhood club.  Ironically, it was his failue to score goals four years ago that put MTK in a similar position and saw them splash the cash on Sanyi.  Now we are four years older and Eppel is banging them in at a rate of a goal a game.

Where is Gedeon?  Where are the fans?

Honved closed the game out easily apart from a injury time free header from Baki which sailed just over the Honved bar.

So 2017 is here.  It does not look for MTK.  Let’s see how MLSZ react to the Torghelle incident.  MTK came out and criticized the decision making (notably not the referee , but the assistants who gave the decisions).  Next week it is off to Mezokovesd to play fellow relegation battlers, Diosgyor, but without Sanyi, our only player with more than a nominal goal count this season..  Given that the last away league victory came in October 2015, a draw may be a nice result otherwise we might be four points adrift of safety.

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