Northerners in Purple

My last trip to the UHNS almost broke my soul.  But I am strong and stupid enough to keep coming back for more (plus I need to maximize the value of my season ticket).  The last home game of the year saw the visit of those Northern Budapest upstarts in purple, Ujpest.

 MTK were coming into this off the back of two away defeats.  The previous weekend had seen them lose to (possible/probable) champions Videoton away before succumbing in the Magyar Kupa to second division Dorog.  With that, my chances of seeing MTK in Europe next year vanished (meaning that MTK’s European adventures lasted for the exact period that I was on ‘sabattical’ in Denmark.  Nice.)


MTK are struggling.  Struggling for goals and struggling for points.  17 league games has seen them score a meagre 10 goals.  They also go into this game on the precipice of a relegation battle.  Ujpest are doing ok, but no better than ok.  They sit firmly in midtable.  The rest of their season will be dictated by their form in the Magyar Kupa and their remaining games against bitter rivals Fradi.

Ujpest fans brought some atmosphere to the UHNS which made the place seem less like a car park in Basingstoke.  They also brought some smoke bombs.  I have no idea what analogy to bring out to describe that so I will not use any.  It was definitely a game of two halves with Ujpest bossing the first and MTK the second.  Ujpest took the lead through Bahrdi after 15 minutes with Poor Patrik grabbing the equalizer just after half-time and in the process marking his 100th game for the club.  MTK probably had the better of the game, but did not do enough to deserve the victory.  Myke still looks effective running at people from the left wing position, but he is not involved/does not get involved enough in the action to really make a difference.


Beer in prison would look like this.

To be honest, MTK are stagnating.  The manager, Theodoru Vasiliusz (Greek-Hungarian!) does not look up to the task and strikes a fairly desperate figure on the touchline.  He was assistant for much of Garami Jozsef’s success.  Maybe he is born an assistant.  It would not be a surprise to see MTK have a change of coaches during the Christmas break.  MTK have only had one foreign coach in the last 85 years of their history (Henk ten Cate), but it would not be a massive surprise to see them go foreign again.  Unfortunately, my knowledge of coaches who MTK can afford and would be willing to move to Budapest is limited.

Next up for MTK – Fradi in the Swamp to close out 2017.

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