Deep-fried cheese 3

I am not a fan of opera, but this weekend must be similar to Wagner’s Ring Cycle.  We now reach our Siegfried having already been to Rheingold and Valkyrie.  This is probably the first time Dukla’s Juliska Stadium has been described as Valkyrie.  Also, it seems I have a reasonable familiarity with opera based on the last three sentences (bloody love a good BA).
Again, we either had incredible chance or Martin had done some planning as we left Dukla to arrive with exactly one beer’s worth of spare time before Bohemians took on FK Příbram (themselves the historical successors to Dukla Prague (not sure operas have this kind of plot depth).
Bohemka dogs hate shit spelling
I have been to Bohemians before and the lovely, tight Dolicek almost a year ago to the day so I will not go through the rigmarole of describing it again.  It is a cracker of a stadium that somehow combines beer garden with football stadium to excellent effect although I am never sure about paying a deposit for my plastic cup (although it seems like this is actually an open way of getting donations for the club as these can be voluntarily donated).
Bohemians have had an unspectacular start to the season, but this seems to be the norm.  In a sixteen team league with two going down, unspectacular is not the end of the world.  Even more so when that sixteen team league contains FK Příbram who were bottom going into the game, bottom coming out of the game and likely to be bottom at the end of the season.
The game was not a classic.  This is captured by the two out of ten rating it received from Czech media.  FK Příbram missed a glaring one on one early on (how different the game may have been) before positioning themselves on the back foot.  Bohemka however were not quite on their game to get on the front foot.  As such, not much really happened plus the beer was starting to take hold.   I do remember a fearsome drive crashing into the visitor’s crossbar as the game drifted away.
Bohemka did eventually get one as substitute Tomas Berger managed to reach behind him to twist home a shot into the net and above the diving keeper.  1-0.
So many parties…
With the game over, we did what is expected and retreated to a post-game discussion over another beer before wandering off for some more warm cheese.
Three games in one day.  A record that I will probably never (want to) beat.


I cannot find any actual highlights…so here are some fans…

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