Plus ca change

For a change, I am going to write this in reverse chronology. It probably will not work. Most stories start with the beginning for a reason, but humour me.

It was hot. I think Dunaujvaros is always hot. I was making my way to the train station on the outskirts of town along a grass verge on a busy road. I am not sure why there was no pavement. I would describe pavements as an important part of any town planning. Clearly the people who had put together this Soviet town in the 50s had not thought so. Given that the had also planned a huge steel works in a country that lacked any of the natural resources to produce steel would seemingly suggest that these were not the world’s greatest town planners.


Great organisational skills is something that seems lacking for much of Hungary’s bureaucracy. Quite why I had had to spend the night 80km south of Budapest after a Budapest derby was not clear.  (I feel another TimmyB vs MLSZ battle in the brewery.) In fact, MTK’s last four home games against Ferencvaros had been played at four different stadium. Is that a record?

I had stumbled back to my hotel the night before after a thoroughly enjoyable walk home. Despite the warm evening and the swarms of insects, I had just witnessed something to make me happy. Torghelle Sandor had slammed home a penalty with almost the last kick of the game to snatch victory in the Orokrangado. Double fist pump. YEAS. Quite why Fradi’s Djurcin wafted his hand at a Gera Daniel free kick moments before is unclear, but ultimately I do not give a sh‘t.

Briefly, it looked like the referee had missed the blatant (yet purposeless) handball before pointing to the spot. MTK were lucky to take those three points. The last twenty minutes of the game were one-sided even though Ferencvaros did not create any obvious chances with all their possession. Vukmir’s sending off for a second bookable offence (I think for dissent) had pivoted the game in Ferencvaros’ favour even before that there only looked like being one winner when Korean Ryu (is he a street fighter character?) had swept home past MTK’s new Montenegrin keeper, Petkovics (Hegedus has gone L ).

I have no idea how to get to the Bufe.

That equaliser saw some commotion in the crowd. It transpired that the MTK sector was flanked on both sides by so-called neutral sectors. These neutral sectors seemed to be very green and joining in with Fradi chants. I have done the fan card thing to death. For many games, the system has been scrapped although it was reinstated for this one meaning that one needed to show an MTK fan card to get into the MTK sector or a third-party or national team fan card to get into the neutral sector. Rumour has it that the ticket office gave up checking fan cards about 15 minutes before kick-off and noone seemed to wonder whether people in Fradi shirts etc. were neutral fans. More surprisingly was the total lack of security. Having visited the Vac – Balmazujvaros game ten days earlier where 60 fans were accompanied by about 60 stewards, there were considerably less stewards on display this time. I have no clue who runs the sport in this country, but they have the organisational skills of 10 year old boy with attention deficit disorder after drinking two litres of coke.

The first half was a good one for MTK. Having scored only two goals in their previous ten league matches in which they only won one game, hopes were low coming into the match. Gera Daniel put MTK ahead on 34 minutes after some excellent interplay down the right channel and a cute finish. It was unexpected, but perhaps not undeserved. Prior to that the best chance came with Torghelle firing a volley over when a clever chip put him clean through. Tough chance, but could have done better.


1-0.  Daniel Gera > Zoltan Gera

I am not sure that this backwards narrative has worked. Still having written it, I am too lazy to reorder. MTK’s season is starting to get started. The story of this season starts from the tail end of last season. Following the 2-2 draw with Fradi away, MTK went seven games without scoring starting with a 0-1 defeat at home to Puskas Akademia aka Felcsut, who were then locked in a desperate relegation battle. Felcsut is the home village team of Orban Viktor and seem to avoid relegation at the tail end of every season. Rumours flew around about this game. Who knows? One never wants to suspect sportsmen of getting involved in politics, but the close relationship between the Hungarian political elite and football is undeniable. All but one of the top flight clubs is now owned by someone connected to that political elite. Whatever the reasons behind that defeat, it became contagious as MTK went on to lose the final two games of the season without scoring (including a defeat to Vasas that condemned Felcsut to a surprising and enjoyable relegation). That terrible form continued into the 16/17 season where MTK failed to score in the first four games. This coincided with a suspension for Torghelle Sandor after a tantrum in the penultimate game of the previous season saw MLSZ through the book at him. When Sanyi returned, so did the goals. Including this game, MTK have now won two and drew two with the victories coming over the big boys of the league, Fradi and Videoton.

MTK will now look to drag themselves up the league and try and chase down surprise leaders Vasas who are five points clear after nine games. I am pretty sure that this is too much to ask, but MTK will be looking at a solid top half finish and blooding a few of the next wave of promising youngsters coming out of the academy whilst settling into their new home at some point in October.


Kanta not quite done the business yet.

So there we are. The least cohesive post I have ever written. And just to make it more so…

The journey was unpleasant. The bus’ air-conditioning was out and it was hot. I arrived in Dunaujvaros dazed, confused and slightly nauseous. Why am I here?

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