“Why are you in Copenhagen? For the Pride Festival?” said the friendly man of the street I met whilst supping on a beer outside a shop in Sydhavn.

“No,” I replied aghast “I am here for the Frem game.”


We had clearly reached an impasse in the conversation. Our relationship had got off to a great start as he tossed me a beer crate to sit on, but had clearly reached this point of no return.  I did what I have been trained by an upbringing in the UK to do.  I looked at my feet and started drinking faster.  With an extremely gaseous tummy, I bade my goodbye.

“Stay safe” he cried after me.

“It is Copenhagen.”

He laughed. We were friends again.


He was right though this was the weekend of Copenhagen’s Pride Festival. However, nothing was going to keep me away from potentially my last ever Frem home game.  Actually, we went to Pride last year and were slightly unimpressed.  It felt like arriving very late to a fancy dress party whilst not wearing fancy dress.  I digress.  As always.

Frem hosted B93. Frem had only taken one point from the first two games and the players still seemed like they were in their summer houses on Jutland.  The league is there for the taking this year.  The relative big boys were all promoted last season so there are no real excuses.  The players have signed up for another season to have another crack at the relative big time.  But it was time to start winning.

I will be honest, but B93 were probably the better team until the first goal. Luckily that first goal went Frem’s way with Jannik Zimling scoring an absolute screamer, drilling the ball into the top corner from about 25 yards with about 20 minutes on the clock.  B93 did have an absolutely glorious chance to equalize just before half time with the threatening Emmanuel Ogude going through one on one before releasing a glorious airshot.  It was as hilarious as it was confusing.

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Who doesn’t love a slideshow?

Frem finally got the second on 70 minute having hit the crossbar earlier in the second half. The returning Daniel ‘Elly’ Pedersen with a cool finish right in front of us.  A dubious B93 penalty followed shortly afterwards, but fortunately “Vi har Marko med”.  Meaning the tame penalty was saved by Frem goalkeeper Marko Brylov diving to his left.  It would have been a very nervy last fifteen if that had gone.  Fortunately, the beer was flowing and the songs were being sung.

BK Frem 2 – 0 B93

Post game and post goal celebrations

A great way to bring the curtain down on my Frem career. If anyone ever encounters this blog whilst trying to choose a team to support after moving to Denmark.  BK Frem is your team.  The Matrix of Truth says so.  I say so.

But a club of this size is not about the football. It is about the people. I would like to say thank you to all those great people who we have met on this journey (although many of you will never read this).  Thank you for talking to us and making us feel welcome.  For teaching us a different way to watching and supporting.

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