Madness over

So the Scandinavian leg of my life is over and as I sit looking at the amount of packing and cleaning that I need to do, there is only one course of action. To Gladsaxe.  To the football.

Gladsaxe is named after the mythical axe of Norse god Glad. He chased the Angles from this corner of Sjælland wielding his axe with such force that the hill on which Gladsaxe sits is purported to be the remain of medieval soldiers. This is again all nonsense, but I thought that I had the chance for one last fake Norse God story that I would use it.

This is my third time to the home of AB and each time it has been glorious sunshine. Either it is always sunny in Gladsaxe or I have been very fortunate.  It might also be that any hint of rain would put me off the haute categorie climb rising some 50m above sea level.  Fortunately, I put my cycling hat on and rode like I was on EPO.  I think I overtook Bjarne Riis.


New signing for Akademisk Boldklub forced to pose like an academic.  Poor work marketing dept.

The game was AB against Nykøbing in the second tier. Both teams were promoted at the expense of Frem last season.  Nykøbing have taken to the second tier like a duck to water.  Really, really nice water that the duck loves sticking its bum in.  AB have taken to the second tier like a duck to long slow roasting Chinese style.   Nykøbing go into the game top and AB bottom.  Two ducks.  Two fates.


Nykøbing came into its current form following a merger between B1901 and B1921, which I would have thought would have made D3822, but it seems not. They come from Nykøbing Falster a town on the island of Falster an hour or two south of the big smoke (as noone has ever called Copenhagen).

This was a lovely day to watch football. Although it was slightly marred by the squels of a pack of teenage cheerleaders.  I admired their enthusiasm, but it was a bit annoying.  The fourth official even told them to step back off the grass around the edge of the pitch.  I think this was to save his ears rather than in breach of any rules or regulations.


Vain owl justifiably concerned at work of marketing dept.

I enjoyed the game. Both teams wanted to win so there were plenty of chances as they tried to play on the front foot.  AB took the lead after nine minutes after the visitors missed a couple of glorious chances.  The lead was to last for only ten minutes though as Nykøbing grabbed a deserved equalizer.  The pace dropped towards the end of the first half as the heat began to take its toll.

We were treated to some dancing at halftime from the aformenetioned cheerleaders. It was actually pretty good.  Am I allowed to say that?  There was some excellent flipping and the like, and the three tier cheerleader tower made me nervous for the safety of that top girl.  They nailed it.  Maybe I should set up a cheerleader spin-off blog?  Although perhaps that would lead to my arrest.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is like a sh’t video.

Second half was also good. Nykøbing took the lead with about two thirds of the game gone.  AB huffed and puffed, but could not pull themselves back into the match.  I think a draw would have been fair on both teams.  AB lacked the final touch or final ball when they found themselves in good positions.  It might just be a lack of quality that becomes more apparent at this level.

So that is Scandinavia done. A very pleasant way to end it all.  That is probably also me done for a while.  The last 22 days has seen me watch 15 football matches in 10 different competitions.  Now I go off to get married.  TimmyB will continue with a Mrs TimmyB, but without the exhausting schedule of August 2016.


Nothing to do with football.  Everything to do with round towers.

“Don’t you, forget about me!”


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