Denmark’s Watford

Farum, a commuter town, is 35 minutes north of Copenhagen. So I will call it the Watford of Denmark.  This is not meant as a slight for either Watford or Farum.  Like Watford, Farum is also home to a top flight football team in the form of FC Nordsjælland – meaning NorthZeeland.  I seem to being spotting a pattern having watch SønderjyskE a week or two ago.  Also joining the compass point of clubs (kind of) is Midtjylland who annoyingly have just signed one of my favourite players, Rafa van der Vaart.  Annoying in the sense that I will not get to see him action.  Surely FC Nordsjælland versus Randers will more than make up for that disappointment.  Possibly.

A Friday 18.00 fixture is new. In fact, Friday football is not a huge feature in my life especially one that involves a sharp exit from the office, ride on the train and a quick march through a sleepy residential area.

I plumped for a ticket in the home terrace. I was probably the oldest, least blonde person on the terrace.  This is clearly a family club. The stadium is a perfect example of bland modern stadium.  It was covered with sponsors, had a tiny terrace and faux leather seats everywhere else.  I assume there can only be an irony in the stadium’s name, the Right to Dream Park.

Atmospheric.  Ahem.

Did I mention the kids? Swathes of blonde kids everywhere, who made for an odd atmosphere with high pitched chants the norm in between munching on FC Nordsjælland

I am not sure what to say. The game was pretty uninspiring.  Randers (now without Colin Todd L) scored a decent goal in a first half where Nordsjælland offered little. I think they were also underwhelmed by the whole occasion.


Been to less comfortable cinemas

Nordsjælland had had a rocket up their bum in the interval and came out with far more intensity eventually getting a goal they deserved on about 70 minutes. The referee clearly did not like this promptly awarding Randers a penalty a minute or two later for an incredibly soft looking handball.  Randers missed and both sets of fans (1,900 in total) went home with a point in their pocket.



I went home wondering if there were better ways to spend an evening in Denmark.

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