No Carlsberg or Tuborg?

62 minutes. Time from landing in Copenhagen until kick-off of the Danish Cup First Round match between B93 and Tårnby in Østerbro Stadion.  Did I make it?  Of course, with three minutes to spare.

August in Denmark.

I had seen this match-up the last time, Tårnby came to Østerbro in what transpied to be the beginning of the end Tårnby’s stay in the Danish third tier as they ended up being relegated with a game or two to spare and now will toil away in the so-called Denmark Series. That game had ended 4-1 and B93 were by far the better team.  There was also an elephant mascot that did not make an appearance on this occasion.  Shame.

B93 now sit pretty at the top of the Danish second tier this season after one game so their paths have split (a little) since that cold Friday evening in the Spring.

Tårnby means Tower Town. Having been to Tårnby, I do not recall seeing any tower(s); however, the club’s badge definitely has a tower on it so it must be true.  Tårnby is home to the excellent Amager Brewery.  Just in case you wake up in Tårnby, you can get drunk and look for the tower.  There is also a bowling alley where I scored 120.  I still came last.  Danes are good at bowling.

Some 150 people had braved the changeable early August weather to catch the game. The most exciting update since my last visit is that the club now serves Nørrebro Bryghus beer.  For many a year, Gy and I have been complaining that/asking why football clubs do not serve better quality beer.  The issue is usually a combination of FA restrictions on ABV of beers that can be served and sponsorship arrangements.  But finally some light at the end of the tunnel…  Unfortunately, it was a Wednesday night and not a night for extensive testing.

Dramatic (unsponsored) beer photos.

The game was enjoyable with Tårnby seemingly much improved since the last time I saw them. The Niklas Bendter wannabe was gone (maybe in sympathy with the real unemployed ‘Great Dane’) and replaced by some youngsters with decent movement.  Tårnby had a couple of chances to take the lead and mainly thanks to the reckless onrushing of B93 goalkeeper for the night, Jonas Berg.


Great action.  Packed stands.

That said B93 took the lead with Omar Roshani turning in from close range after a cross pulled back from the byline. This took the wind out of the sails of Tårnby who had been the better side up until that point.

The game was seemingly as good as over when Niklas Granzov found himself all alone in the box from a cross swung in from the left to make it 2-0 on 71 minutes. Tårnby gave us all hope/worry that extra time may be the order of the day.  Thankfully, (given the biblical storm that had developed) B93 finished the match off in the last seconds of injury time scoring on the break after Tårnby through men forward.


Before the rain.

B93 march on. I squelched home.

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