John ‘Faxe’ Jensen?

Sundby Idrætspark was the first place I watched football some year and a bit ago and the place where I was first introduced to Frem who were the visitors on that day and fought their way into the Matrix of Truth. Now I am back.  Much has changed and much has remained the same.


Yep.  Those are tan coloured trousers.  I wear what I want.

Fremad Amager stole/deservingly won promotion to the second tier of Danish football leaving Frem to fight another day in the third tier (reopening fresh wounds here). This was the team from Amager’s first home game in the second tier since 2007 since which a bankruptcy and resurrection has followed (sounds achingly familiar).  Fremad Amager are managed by John Jensen who once scored in a three one home defeat for Arsenal against QPR.   JJ’s nickname is Faxe apparently in recognition of an impromtu shower of Faxe beer given to him by some of his Brøndby teammates back in the day when professional footballers did vaguely interesting stuff.

It seems like there has been a few changes at the Sundby Idrætspark since our last visit a few months ago. Firstly, a hike in ticket prices to DKK 80.  Secondly, tickets need to be purchased from a small tent structure in advance as opposed to pay on the gate.  I assume that this is to comply with the stringent ticketing rules of the second tier.  Thirdly, entry now comes with a free beer coupon courtesy of HC Containers (this is not a paid advertisement, but any company that buys me beer can have free ad time).  Inside the stadium, the previously defunct Jumbotron has been replated by a fully operational Jumbotron albeit at the other end of the pitch and in place of the previous bus bar.  Modern football gone mad.

Interesting use of ,-

The guests to Sundby on this occasion were Fredericia, which is a town located in Eastern Jutland and, apparently, one of Denmark’s main transport hubs. The football team has spent more than fifteen consecutive seasons in the second tier, which may help explain the lack of away fans who may have tired of the drudgery of constant lack of promotion/relegation excitement (at least I assume this is how the mind of a Jutland football fan works).  Unsurprisingly, the team finished six out of twelve last season.

We settled in on the grass bank at the far end of the stadium to enjoy an afternoon of football. I enjoy it we did although I suspect Gy may have dozed off in the excitement of it all.  I do struggle with judging the quality of football on offer, but this did seem a tad better than that which we watched for the most of last season.  Ball was played around with purpose at reasonable pace and there were very few of this ‘I think I could do better’ moments that populate games in the third tier and below.  That said, the game ended 0-0, but I think Fremad Amager will take that.  As I recall, the game struggled to really ignite with neither team creating too much in the way of clear cut chances.  Fredericia had a little spell just before half time, but were unable to turn the pressure into anything more than a couple of half chances.


Away team celebrated wildly.  They are printing the t-shirts in Islington.

A season of consolidation is definitely in order for Fremad Amager and avoiding relegation is the key to that. Have they got what it takes?  I have no idea, but if John Jensen can be lauded for scoring one goal in nearly a hundred appearances during a derby defeat, then anything is possible.  Special mention to the attmept by the home fans to create a football song from the Macarena (no idea how you spell that and I refuse to look it up).  I love the innovation, but it is pretty bad.

With that July 2016 closes. What should have been a peaceful offseason has seen plenty of action, but August has the potential to be a classic with football flying at me from every possible direction.

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