Castle Greyskull


I never really understood the Castle Greyskull slur. Now I do. Just like Rangers, FCK represents all that is bad about Danish football. A team that expects superiority whilst playing in a stadium that has an aura of loathing. A team that has a tainted history. A team that noone respects. But a team that most others go to expecting nothing.

This time it was Lyngby. A team that finished an honourable second in the Matrix of Truth. Lyngby should thank themselves lucky that they did not win. The curse of TimmyBacsi would have denied them promotion. I am sorry Frem. Genuinely sorry.

The first round of the Danish MegaSuper Liga (or whatever it is called) saw a Copenhagen Derby. Much like Fradi-MTK, this is the Derby of Copenhagen. Forget Brondby. Forget Ujpest. They mean nothing. This is fighting talk. I decided to lend my (tame) support to Lyngby in the hope it would see them to memorable victory in the pit of hell that is Parken. Lyngby brought many. FCK fans seemed to be aslumber on the beaches of Mon, Bornholm or whatever other island it is that Danes go to in the hope that the sun will shine during the damp squib that is a Danish summer.

Is that a double wall?

The game. It was woefully onesided. Lyngby survived a couple of goal mouth scrambles before FCK took a deserved lead after about 35 minutes as someone nodded the ball home. Game over. Lyngby had a moderate shout for a penalty just before the end of the first half. It would have been soft.

FCK closed the game out with two goals in the first ten minutes of the second half. And that was that. I got chatting to a couple of St Pauli fans. One was slightly embarrassed by the fact that Frem’s biggest game was against St Pauli in a pre-season friendly just over a year ago. The other lamented the Parken setting. I could have hugged him except I always think Germans are suspicious of aggressive displays of unknown friendship.


Popcorn!  From the 70s.  Who TF eats popcorn at football.

Lyngby and fans kept going. But there was no (semi) happy ending. 3-0. FCK will probably win the league again and will be more concerned by the CL qualifiers. Lyngby will play more important games and hope to cling onto their spot in the top league. Kom nu, Lyngby.



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