Cloudy Sunset

The end arrived.  It has taken a while for me to write this.  Either laziness or an unwillingness to accept the end has arrived.  This season has been a long one starting about 11 months ago or so with a frankly unpalatable 4.5 month gap for winter.  Frem have stumbled short at the last hurdle and will go again next year in the third tier, but with a young, hungry side that will only have only learnt from the experience, I would suggest it is a matter of when rather than if.

The last game of the season saw Frem away at neighbouring Hvidovre.  It was supposed to be a party.  It was still a party, but with a hint of ‘what if’.  That said, Frem were not cooked yet.  A Thisted win against Nykobing and a draw between Braband and Bronshoj and a seven or so goal win for Frem would see promotion.  For one brief moment, the other results were going the right way.  However, hope had been punched in the gut some weeks ago.

I will be honest, Hvidovre is not pretty.  Denmark is lauded for its design and architecture.  Sometimes, I feel like I am in a grim council estate in the Brexit heartlands (I do political bitterness together with the sporting variety).  I don’t think architecture students visit places like Hvidovre.  It is also another 5km from Valby Irdætspark so Gy’s legs were struggling, a situation not helped by me reminding her that we were late.  We were late.


Note the stand roof.  Same as the Valby model.

Our lateness was confounded by the man at the gate telling us that his gate was closed.  It was clearly open.  My Danish is not sufficient to explain the difference in definition between open and closed.  We went to the next turnstile, which was now closed before finally breaking in.  The main stand was an identikit of Frem’s.  It is a standard Danish lower league stadium with an athletics track, sausage stand or two and beer vending outlets.

Frem secured a fairly comfortable 2-0 victory but never quite looked like scoring the seven or so that would have made it interesting.  All this meant that Frem ended up in 4th missing out on promotion by a couple of points.  The season was not lost here.  That probably happened with the home defeats to Braband and then Thisted – both games that could have been won with a little more luck or composure. 


We are both able to close our mouths.  We chose not to.

So that is it.  Maybe I will write a reflections piece about my season in Denmark.  OR maybe I won’t.

It is time now to enjoy the sun and the break before the new season starts all over again in a few days and the likely chance to see Brondby against some minnows from Europe’s fringes. 


Gy holding banner.

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