Unrivalled bliss

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. Friedrich Nietzsche

If Joey Barton can quote Nietzsche, then so can I.

All the bitterness and bottom dwelling of last week is over. The hope is back. It may be the hope that kills, but it is also the hope that makes us dream. Perhaps it is not the hope that kills, but the expectation that destroys.

Frem won. 1-0 away at already promoted AB (and the league’s best team).


The venue for today was a steamy Gladsaxe Stadium standing atop Copenhagen’s biggest hill (which is 6 metres above sea level). It took a while for the sweat to clear from my eyes. That while being exactly the same time as it took to finish off my bottle of Tuborg Gron (a drink that only tastes good when it is cold and the weather is hot.)

The Frem support wisely said no to skin cancer and we hid ourselves away in the back of a stand that albeit old looks out of place in the Danish third tier. Did I say it was hot? I fear I am becoming increasingly Scandi as my tolerance to heat fades as quickly as my ability to be in the office after 16.00 on a work day.

Some photos.

The first half was an excellent spectacle. Frem went toe to toe with the Abers and came out of it relatively unscathed. Simon Jorgensen*, Frem’s giant goalkeeper, made up for the Bronshoj incident with a couple of cracking saves and with the assistance of the post, Frem went in at half time without conceding. At the other end, a couple of half chances went unconverted.. Sydhavn’s Messi was unable to convert a one on one which was Frem’s best chance. On the stroke of half time, there was controversy! Frem surged forward and caught out AB’s high line only for the unquestionably last man to produce a body check that would not have looked out of place in a hockey rink. Ref showed yellow. We booed. I booed like I have never booed before. Frem are normally a fairly forgiving bunch. This was terrible refereeing.

I bought beer.

And then it happened. In one flash of a right leg, my hope returned. Probably the goal of the season. Christiansen struck a half-volley on the turn from some 25 yards. The ball hit the far post and then (in slow motion) caressed the net. Rar. Double handed fist punch. (Gareth Bale may have his shitty heart thing, I double fist punch. Who is happier?)

The next 30 minutes was an exercise in game management. And Frem did it and did it well. Apart from a heart stopping moment towards the end, they looked comfortable. I think playing AB post-promotion party was a good thing.

And with that Frem are back in the mix (although they have gone from being one point off promotion to being one point off promotion so I suspect that my emotions are getting the better of me).


What is the score Rebecca?

6 teams can still claim the last promotion place. Braband are currently in the driving seat with Frem sniffing their bum like a little dog on heat. The last match of the season sees Braband play (also bum sniffing) Bronshoj. Frem play Thisted next week at home before we march on Hvidovre. Two winnable games. But the winnable games are the worst. That is where the expectation comes in.

Vi vinder det lort!

*Love the aggressive table bang at 1:23.  Good on you son.

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