Tell me why

Frem needed a win,
A defeat would be a sin,
A draw would be poor.

We started so well,
On the ball, they did dwell,
But where was the goal?

Marauding attack,
From the ginger full back,
Oh, there is the goal.

Some Germans have sung,
‘Brother Louis, Louis’,
Yellow card.  Oh well.

Look, a corner kick.,
Poor Middelfart’s defending,
Must make their coach sick.

Half-time.  It’s 2-0,
Frem makes it run of the mill,
Time for a cold beer.

Penalty for them.
What the…are you doing, Frem?
2-1. Oh come on.

The win comes. We cheer.
Its time for some more cold beer.
Stupid wasps won too.

That is the last time that I am ever doing that.  Frem win 2-1.  It should have been more comfortable and they had the chances to put the game to bed at 2-0.  Excellent opener for Rasmus Louie Larsen, who had a good game.  Second was a bundled corner that Middelfart could not deal with.

Penalty was a soft decision.  Frem drop to fourth (and out of the promotion places) after Bronshoj overtook them on goal difference.  It is going to be close.


Sun > football.  Apparently

Special mention for my namesake who celebrated his stag do by slotting five penalties in a row past Frem’s current backup goalie at half-time.  (At least that is how I remember it).  Have a good one 🙂

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