So here we are spring has sprung and this shit just got real. I really need to stop the excessive swearing because my Mum reads this. After Frem’s run of three defeats, what had seemed like a procession to the second tier has become more like watching a fish swim through honey (I suspect a fish would not be able to swim through honey and would end floundering around covered in bee juice and possibly a swarm of flies).

Today’s (let’s pretend I am writing this on the day of the game) visitors to Valby are the rich boys from HIK. HIK (pronounced hoo-eeek’oh like a man from the Highlands who has just been surprised by a cow) come from Hellerup, which is an affluent area of Copenhagen sitting prettily on the Baltic sea, full of big houses, Teslas and restaurants which serve cows that drink beer. In a sense, the football club is a bit like Chelsea without the racism. There didn’t seem to be any away fans either so that is another box ticked. (In no way am I bitter about the Spurs Chelsea game that did not break my heart, hope and dreams).

Hate it when paparazzi spot the new haircut.  Stalking#

Frem had beaten HIK 4-0 just six weeks earlier in a game that I had missed for the delights of Stenhousemuir. HIK have been struggling for form since with two wins and four defeats. Frem’s struggles are apparent. A young team that seems to have lost confidence and belief . Going into the game, I had the feeling that this may be a turning point. Frem have four (theoretically) winnable games in a row against teams whose own promotion chances are starting to fade. Win against HIK and the only way is up (baby), but failure to take three points might see the negative momentum (not a technical physics term) become terminal.

Mikkel Andersen was back. He was missing in the last home game against AB and Frem missed his buzzing snapiness in the midfield. I like Mikkel Andersen not just for his combative style, but for his enthusiastic post-game singing and because he was the first player whose name I learnt.


Mikkel receiving post-match pink thing

But Mikkel’s return made little difference. The first thirty minutes or so had us scratching our heads wondering what had happened. Frem struggled to string a pass together. The defensive pairing of Stockholm and Volquardsen were horribly exposed and only the bravery/recklessness of goalkeeper Brylov stopped, HIK taking what would have been a deserved lead. On two occasions, Brylov came out to challenge an onrushing HIKer and crash into them. I have seen them given. As it transpired, the boy got injured in one of the challenges and was replaced by the tallest man in the world (unofficially) Simon Bloch. The last ten minutes of the half showed more promise with another excellent goal mouth scramble eventually being cleared by HIK.


Focussing on the game.

I think there were some strong words at half time because after the break there was only one team in it. Frem allée. That said, they did not create a whole host of chances with the away goalkeeper pulling off some routine stops. For all the huffing and the puffing, the unseasonably/unDanishly high temperatures seemed to be having an effect as fatigue seemed to be kicking in. But then in the 90th minute, substitute Mohamed Azaquoun found himself in a whole load of space at the back post, pulled the ball onto his left before curling it onto the far post. And IN!!! Frickin’ (not a swear word, Mum) last minute winner. We all went a bit ballistic and weight seemed to lift off everyone inside the stadium. No panics in injury time and a 1-0 victory took Frem up to second. Result!

Only one of these photos worked.  I took one of them.

Sunny weather means picnic so we stumbled back to the club house for another beer or two and watched a nice little player and fan interaction. I will say it again. This is football that I like. No late night drunken antics to report from me and Gy this time. We have another foreign trip coming up, but not before a Wednesday night in Bronshoj (I doubt I will have the hypnotic laaaaaa-la-la-la-la-laaaaaa song out my head by then).

HIK4I have still not found out what vand and diverse is.



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