Touch of an Elephant

Friday Football is an example of alliteration.  As is Bring Beer.

The adventures of three merry football fans had moved from Eastern Central Southern Europe to the clear light of Scandinavia in what will one day be known as the Return of the Jedi of the Shit Football escapades (as in the third one, but maybe the sixth one). 

First up, was a trip to the home of B93 (and the closest stadium to my house), Osterport Stadium.  I have been here a few times before, but this represented the first chance for Colin and Martin to get up close and personal with the Danish Third Division.  Martin got in for free, Colin had to pay and Gyongyi sexually assaulted an elephant (but still had to pay).

Beer,  football, naked Roman statues…

Our entry to the ground signaled the appearance of an as yet unseen mascot, B93’s elephant.  He is a more thin, athletic version of Frem’s elephant and was (seemingly) happy to play along with Gy’s frolicking and our high 5s.  It is quite possible that he was crying inside.  Anyway, a good mascot.


Dirch, you can have her…

The first half was not a great advert for the relegation division of the Danish Third.  Tårnby are struggling near the bottom and in danger of being dropped into the Danish Series for the 2016/17 season.  B93 are safe and probably have very little to play for between now and the resetting of the league table some time after the European Championship.  We took up station on the opposite of the pitch to the main/only stand.  This enabled Gy who seemed to be in particularly flirty mood to engage in random interaction with the substitute bench.  She is a strange one.

There may have been no goals in the first half, but the beer was flowing.  Flowing so well that the second half became disjointed with the amount of required toilet breaks.  B93 scored twice.  One was a screamer but I only saw the ball hit the back of the net and the other was a penalty, but I was in the toilet.  Tårnby equalized to provide hope before another two long range strikes and a red card for what seemed to be a reckless lunge from a lad from Tårnby put the game well and truly to bed.


If I were a fly on the wall…(a fly that spoke Danish)

We disappeared after some more well deserved handshakes with the boys in white.  Tårnby need points.  B93 will probably be glad to finish this season as soon as possible to have another crack at promotion.

Worst highlight video ever below…

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