Gy loves programmes.

Try saying owl. Weird, no? Now try saying it ten times and you have the basis for a terrible football chant. Thankfully the boys at AB do not consult me for advice on football chants. Sadly, they are not alone. Ever since my attempt of ‘Stephen Carr, he is faster than a car’, my football chant consultancy business has been on shaky ground.


Yes.  That is a vest.

Anyway, where am I going with this? AB are the academic club of Copenhagen fascinatingly called Akademisk Bolkus (19th Century Danish academics really rocking the creative juices of naming their team). Originally, the team restricted itself to university students resulting in numerous championships in the early and mid-20th century. This (unsurprisingly) went wrong with the onset of professionalism which saw AB lingering in the second tier. Recent years have seen the club verge on bankruptcy (saved by the local council) and be ignominiously stripped of points and relegated after fielding Ali Akida who was found to be playing under a false name. His real name was John.  But what about the owl…well like any club pretending to be built on wise foundations, the mascot and badge is an owl.  The badge owl looks a bit angry.

b1Hangry owl (well he is angry looking an a little thin)

Now AB find themselves in Division 2 League 1 up against the likes of AB Tarnby, HIK and today’s opposition B1908 (apparently not a road in Cumbria). Home of AB (queue those library jokes) is the Gladsaxe stadium and it is actually quite nice despite being situated at the top of the biggest hill in Denmark. In fact, it was dangerously close to being a real stadium: proper stands ran along both sides of the pitch and decent terraces behind each goal. This is probably a club that does not belong at this level.


B1908 celebrate the conclusion of the orange highlighter pen massacre

Although B1908 quickly put the thought to the back of my mind forcing the ball home from a scrappy corner to make it one-nil to the boys from before WW1. B1908’s initial pluck slowly disappeared and AB backed by 412 fans basking in the Autumn sun eventually put three goals past the away team for a fairly convincing win.


Spot the owl!  Say owl!


A B – A B C

One of these chants will surely catch on.

AB look odds-on to finish in the Top 4 of their 8 team pre-Christmas league which will see them progress to the Champions’ League (of the Danish Third Tier) where (hopefully) BK Frem will lie in wait. Hopefully, Frem and I will meet again as we both continue our struggle for workers’ rights. Ahem

b7A sight familiar to those who watch Hungarian football.
Empty green seats (yep you Fradi)


A sight familiar to those who watch Hungarian football.
Panel housing (yep you Nyiregyhaza)


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