Halley’s Comet

What could have been? This could have been the first ever TimmyBacsi Cup Final. A unique occurrence of events where TimmyBacsi (yep I am using the third person) watches three consecutive games, the last of which features a side from each of the first two games. In the even unlikely event that those two sides won the earlier game, you have the TimmyBacsi Cup Final. AB Tarnby – AB.


TimmyBacsi Cup Final excitement..

Except AB Tarnby f’’ked that one up by losing to the Bronshoj bumble bees. I guess we’ll all be awaiting the first TimmyBacsi Cup Final for some time yet. Much like Halley’s Coment (which was last seen in the Bayeuax Tapestry).


Me reading programme: dog watching match.

So after the initial disappointment of realising what could have been, we headed down to the airport (or stadium next to it) for a taste of Danish football (there has been lots of tasting).


I am starting to like AB Tarnby (even despite the aforementioned phenomenon destruction). They seem out of their depth, totally unable to defend and an ability to score, which means goals galore. We were in for a treat again in that regard. Another six goals to add to seven from a fortnight earlier. Being a Tarnby fan must be frustrating because they are equal to their more illustrious opponents, but seem to have zero cutting edge. After falling two down, they were unable to capitalise on a period of domination before half-time. They snuck (is that a word?) one just after the break, but then the defence went on a serial walkabout allowing AB to put away three on the break. By the end it could have been more.


I forgot to take many photos, so have a selfie.

Still a big fan of the Tarnby number 7 who impressed again after his brace last time out at the Tarnby Stadium. Good game. Tarnby in a world of trouble. If these clubs merged they might be called ABBA Tarnby. Just a thought. Bjorn, do you read this?

AB Tarnby 1 – AB 5

AB, what could you have won?


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