I am still here

Wow. What a late summer! I have dragged myself back to my computer to save TimmyBacsi from a fate worse than being an Arsenal fan: an unknown ending. Now I think about it an unknown ending is probably not the worst thing in the world. I think I am just being overly dramatic.

A combination of a hectic job, family visits and a two day summer holiday back to Budapest has meant that I have not had the time to sit down and write something (whether that something is of any interest is entirely debatable). Nevertheless, this has not stopped my football watching and I have seen another six games since my last time out at Sundby for Frem’s first game of the season.

Let me just bash out a quick recollection of the matches and throw in some photos just to get this ball rolling.

Frem-Næsby 15 August

Frem’s first home game of the season saw the arrival of Næsby. Me neither. They looked young and fresh (that sentence could easily be taken out of context) and Frem jumped into a comfortable two goal lead. Fair lay to Næsby though who kept plugging away in what looked like a hopeless cause. Eventually, they managed to pinch a point and to be honest it was probably some sort of karma given Frem’s point thievery the week before in Amager.



You normally have to pay for this!


Gy correctly (and luckily) pointing out how man goals Frem gave up.

Frem-Svenborg 22 August

They sound like a Swedish robot side. They played like a side of drunk TimmyBacsis except without the sex appeal. Frem walked this one and took their place at the top of the table. Given the top four in the league of eight qualify for the play-off round, Frem were looking good already sitting pretty (like a TimmyBacsi in topless mode 😉 at the top of the league).


A1 A2

Is that me posing artisitically against a wall and also with an elephant?

A3 A4

Mike and the Mechanics, you say?

That was my last Frem game. Other commitments and a smattering of away games in places like Dalum and Funen(?) have meant that I have not yet been back. Unfortunately, this absence may last a little longer but hopefully I will be back with a vengeance in October. Frem and your elephant – you have been warned. I also now have a scarf: it is stripey. And I know where the club shop is and as MTK’s office staff know, I am a sucker for tatty merchandise.B4

Chairs from the Hidegkuti Nandor turned into bar stools!?  Thanks parents-in-(future) law

In the last four Frem have struggled to a solitary win and a couple of draws.  It should still be enough to finish in the Top 4 (take that Arsenal), but they need me back.  A 2-0 defeat on the road in Odense today was not the greatest of news.

Anyway, TimmyBacsi will try and be more diligent.  Football!!


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