Like a monkey with a mechanical cymbol…


After last week’s jolly to Helsingør, it is time for 2015/16 to get real.  The Danish Second Division is back.  But this time the East/West split has gone to be replaced by three (seemingly loosely geographically defined) mini-leagues of eight.  Each minileague will then divide with the top four going into a Promotion Pool and the bottom four going into the Relegation Pot.  The top two in the Promotion Pool will be propelled into the giddy heights of the Danish First Division in 2016/17.

Minileague 2 is the pick of the minileagues (by pick of the minileagues, I mean that I have heard of three of the teams) and here we find ourselves in Valby Idrætspark for the kick-off the Danish Second Division Minileague 2 (aka the pinnacle) for the Fremad Amager – Frem head to head.  (Sorry Lyngby, you have missed out this week due to your lack of proximity to the beach for post-game sunning for a Gy demanding to make the most of Copenhagen’s purportedly short summer).

This was a repeat of my first fixture in Denmark, which seems like an age ago, but is in fact a matter of three long months.  Somehow, Gy missed the opportunity to touch the peni (is that the plural?) of the Greek/Roman statues dotted around the edge of the playing arena.  This was not an opportunity that she was going to pass up twice.


Bit inappropriate

The stadium was the same as on previous trips (not a huge surprise), but I like the place.  A good 30 minute bike ride from our abode got me in the mood for a drink and it is always a welcome relief to encounter Classic (‘More colour, more taste’ according to my Helsingørian barkeep) on tap.

The game started off with a Fremad Amager bang.  Frem’s CB pairing both drifted towards the ball allowing time and space for a Fremad Amager player to sneak in and squirt the ball past an off balance keeper.  1-0.  Cråp.  Frem are worse than Spurs.

Frem forced a couple of good saves, but apart from that it was one way traffic until the 80th minute.  In fact, I have no idea how Fremad Amager did not put the game to bed a dozen times over.  That was until Mikkel ‘blond dynamo/possibly only 12’ Andersson snaffled the ball in midfield as is his wont passing the ball to Danny Andersen (notice the spelling difference) who fired the ball past the keeps.  No idea how he got as far as he did without being challenged, but the left back was badly drawn out of position. 1-1.  Miracle.  Frem were going to snaffle a point.  But wait…


What am I waiting for?

Mohammed Azaquoun.  A name that everyone in this country struggles to pronounce and I am in a country which has a language full of impossible pronunications.  Well, he wrote his name in the stars with the perfect ‘hit the far post’ floated freekick that evaded all and won the game for Frem.  Liked his totally unnecessary run to the Fremad fans to give them the ear.  All 20 fans looked perplexed rather than angry.


2-1.  Frem win what will probably be the toughest game of Minileague 2 and set themselves up nicely for the season ahead.  Think Fremad Amager will comfortably come in the Top 4 as well.


Will she look this happy at the end of the season?

It has begun…


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