2015/16 – Almost….


So I took a break. Not from football, but from writing. The new job, the new country and the seemingly endless churn of football was taking its toll. But we are back. Football in Northern and Eastern Europe returned this weekend. And I did not watch a single game.


One of the only elephants in Denmark

MTK were in action against those Felcsut boys (where rumour has it a UFO is being built in the not too distant future courtesy of the Great Leader). MTK have a new home. No longer will the MTK faithful be trekking (without me (((() out to Kispest, but they find themselves now playing at Vasas’ lovely dilapidated ground in District 13. This followed a brief European journey where Ujpest’s Barbie House played host to Vojvodina in the First Preliminary PreQualifying UEFA Cup tie. A trip to Northern Serbia saw the kekfeherek lose 3-1, but (boy) was I so jealous not to be going?

MTK won 1-0 just a few minutes ago to take them second. (As a Spurs fan, the first few games were the only chance we had of being in the upper echelons of the league for most of the 90s).

The Danish top league also returned except for my local team FC Kobenhavn, whose game against Proddy sounding Randers has been postponed: I assume because both teams are trying to navigate through the early rounds of the Europa League. So my debut at the Danish Superliga is postponed.

Malmo were away this weekend and the lower leagues in Denmark are still a week or two away from kick-off. So a football free weekend for me. Attempts to take in the Ultimate Frisbee Champions League Finals were rejected by Gy. Women, hey!?

However, a fortnight ago I fulfilled the dreams of any left-wing Danish fan and was able to watch BK Frem (remember them) take on St Pauli. The story behind the game is a nice one. Frem fans clubbed together to prepurchase tickets and game memorabilia to raise the necessary money to pay St Pauli’s travel expenses and the game got the green light. Those commie Hamburgers were welcomed to CPH by a heat wave with temperatures topping out at about 26! Heat stroke was inevitable for many of the locals who rumour had it had not seen the sun for 9 months.


TimmyBacsi porn

Alas, the game will be remembered for the overnight vandal attack on the stadium which saw some unknown [bad word] daub the stadium with Nazi graffiti and sprinkle the pitch with an assortment of nails, screws and other nasties. Nice. Fans of both clubs worked together to clear the pitch and allow the game to go ahead. Not really sure why people do that kind of sh’t.


Gy as if I was a fish

A good atmosphere surrounded the ground as everyone tucked into their 6 packs in the park just outside Valby’s premium stadium. Gy and I decided to have an inappropriately loud conversation about the Greek referendum – the OXI Tshirts probably told us all we needed to know about the opinions of the locals. If not, the love the working class struggle tifo did.

Some 5,000 watched what was an enjoyable game. Frem gave as much as could have been expected against a team who are frankly a few levels above. A 60 yard screamer from the Frem CB was the highlight on the pitch, but some there was some mutual love going on in the stands as songs were shared and a bond (that probably existed before was strengthened).

Great goal.  See if you can spot me!

For me, it was a good day out. But I suspect that an international tax adviser is not going to be welcomed with open arms into the proletarian side of the class struggle. Great people though…

DSC_0738   DSC_0753


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