My only fremd – the end.


The never ending season finally ends 332 days after it began in Pecs on the cusp of the Balkans. My last game of a season that has taken in a few countries and a few ups and a few downs sees me tackle BK Frem against Averdø re in Valbuuuuuuu (I.e. Valby – my Danish lessons really have be chasing after that ‘y’ sound),


Home of dreams/beautiful clouds

Another thoroughly enjoyable trip to the SW of Copenhagen saw me treated to the ‘come and get me’ invitation a pre-season friendly between Frem and St Pauli. I probably will. I struggle to say no.

The weak sun of a Scandinavian mid-summer day is indeed not weak as attested by the mild sun burn primarily located on my nose. Not a great look especially given the seemingly ever increasing size of my nose. Hopefully it will fade, my Monday otherwise it will look like I spent all weekend on a beer fuelled rampage. Would I?

The game very much had a friendly feel about it. Especially when BK Frem went in one nil up at half-time and did some sort of on-pitch jig. A bit odd and as it transpired probably a little presumptuous.


Holiday time

The first half saw me slouched on the shallow concrete terrace opposite the main stand. Little did I know that I was ensnared amongst the away fans. Fortunately, my celebrations following the front post flick-on from a corner into the far post (don’t see enough of those these days) were muted. So muted they could have been mistaken for frustration.

Averdø re came into the game sitting fifth from bottom and (obviously) in the last relegation spot. Above them stood Rishø j by virtue of goal difference only. Basically, Averdø re needed to achieve a better result than Rishø j to qualify for the relegation play-offs. Relegation play-offs??? Please just end 2014/15.


Not enough people where job appropriate hats

In the first half, Averdø re were kept in with a vague shout of achieving something by their frankly excellent goalkeeper. In the second half, Frem stopped playing. A far post bundled finish followed by an 88th minute curler into the top corner gave Averdø re the game. Unfortunately, at the same time the winner hit the back of the net, Livescore showed that Rishø j had scored their second to go two goals clear. Bye Averdøre. Who knows, maybe we will meet again in the fourth tier?


Sorry, that was a tired write-up. I have still not really bought into Danish football, but I know it takes time. Time to identify and time to commit. I will get there. But for now I need some time off.


Can never forget where you are in Denmark


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