Lyngby vs Matrix of Truth

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Three pictures in a row – a new feature!

A twist of fate brings be to Lyngby (pronounced Lung-Boo – imagine a cartoon Glaswegian cigarette with a overt dislike for lungs). Fellow MTK fan, Nandor, announced his presence in Copenhagen and that he was joining a group of Danes and Englishmen to make the short journey to the Northern suburb. Sounded like a plan. It also represented the chance to experience the Danish second tier – a distinct step-up from the like of Frem, Fremad Amager, B93 etc. without all that commercial nonsense of FCK and Brondby.

The game was against AGF Aarhus who had just won promotion following Lyngby’s defeat earlier in the week. What was supposed to a promotion cliffhanger had been turned into an end of season damp rubber. It is that kind of hope destroying end of season failure that I can invest into. AGF Aarhus came in reasonable numbers. Although apparently, their house is not your house as they have a reputation of being on the right side of the right wing.

Team – 4/5

Definitely better than the Eastern Section of the Danish Second Division. In fact, there was much more class on display and these players actually looked like football players. There were no passes punted out of play, no ball rolling under feet – this was actually pretty good.

Third place in the second tier means that a promotion charge might even be feasible next season.. It is like glory supporting without the glory.


A couple of good goals from both teams resulted in a 2-2 draw. I think. I was pretty tipsy/taking in the atmosphere/deciding whether to buy a shirt.

Rivalry – 4/5

Rumour has it that things get spicy when Brondby and FCK come to town. It was pretty spicy with the AGFers. A little bit of pushing and shoving amongst a rowdier section of the home support was handbags at dawn, but certainly made for something a little more than the picnic atmosphere of the other games I have been to.


Beer 3.5/5

Good access, but most expensive yet at DKK 40 a pop. Again discounts available for ordering larger quantities. Does this promote responsible drinking?

Stadium – 4/5

A fairly standard looking Danish municipal stadium. The athletics track is becoming something of a feature on my journeys. Lyngby Stadium has two decent stands on either side and some attractive looking grass banking at one end. But (and a big but), there is a huge clubhouse in the corner of the ground serving all sorts of goodness (beer). Rumour has it that the players will quite often join in the post-match merriment. But much like the Danish Queen, I would not recognise any of them without a kind Dane by my side to point it out. I only recognise Jan Molby (who seems to be ever present as a football pundit and have a Scouse accent in Danish).


The scoreboard was pretty shit.

Fans – 5/5

I don’t speak about the Lyngby fans in general, but those 15 or so Danes and Englishmen who took me in for the day, taught me about the club, the history, the rivalries, the friendships and made me feel generally welcome. Thanks guys for letting me tag along. I loved every minute of it.


Kit – 4/5

Blue with white pinstripes. Nice. The badge is a picture of a Viking with flowing hair and beard. Not really sure where you could go wrong with that.

Mascot – 5/5

None. A Viking. Could a mascot be any better? Any more Scandinavian?


Not my photo.

Lyngby – 29.5/35

We have a new leader. But the one thing that I was told and realised after this day, “You don’t chose our team, your team chooses you!”. The wise words of a Tranmere supporting Englishman called Chris. And he was right. The Matrix of Truth is not the way to chose a football team.  Gut instinct is.  Although, the Matrix of Truth was right so maybe it is the way to chose a team.  Sounds like we are heading into a Nietzschean nightmare where my reliance on the Matrix of Truth makes me unable to enjoy the hear and now.

Lyngby bridge the gap from Hungary to Denmark. Nandor allowed me to pass the baton of my support from the white and blues of Budapest’s Ninth District to the white and blues of the Copenhagen suburb of Lyngby.

I think I’ll still keep an eye on BK Frem when they have a game when I am free.

Matrix of Truth

Lyngby 29.5

BK Frem 28

B93 20

Fremad Amager 18.5


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