BK Frem vs Matrix of Truth

A surprise entry for all you loyal followers of the Matrix of Truth: BK Frem. (FYI – BK = Bodklub which I am going to assume means Football Club. I could be wrong: it has happened before.) I have encountered BK Frem a fortnight before whilst scouting out Fremad Amager. Their fans seemed fairly sound so I thought further investigation was required (actually Gy is still not in CPH and this seemed to be the only game that I fancied this weekend so it seemed like a good way to pass an afternoon)

 IMG_0167       Paper fans (cheaper than the plastic ones)

Team 3/5

This being my third Danish Second Division Ø st game, I am growing used to the quality. It is at once funny and frustrating. Why is the easy ball so difficult? Why does everyone have toblerone feet? This was no worse nor no better than the other two games. It was pretty windy as well, which given the amount of time the ball spends in the air is probably a significant factor.


Discovered panorama mode

Rivalry 3.5/5

Much like my comments before, it is hard to see any real rivalry at this level. When Hvidvore scored their equaliser, it was celebrated by a middle-aged woman running around the home sector. Noone batted an eyelid. In fact, it was generally seen as funny. She was a wee bit tipsy.

That said it was clear from the rainbow and pirate flags that this team had a bit of St Pauli about them. I guess any team coming to town with any right wing element will be unwelcome. I am yet to identify if such a team exists in Denmark, but if they do…(you mark my words)…


Beer 4.5/5

DKK 35 making it exactly DKK 10 more expensive than that on offer at B93. It did taste slightly less like Fosters which is probably a plus point. Another plus point was the selection – you could chose your beer (admittedly the choice was Carlsberg, Tuborg and Tuborg Classic (me neither)). Add that to the five beers for DKK115 (DKK 23 per beer) and the six readily accessible bars excluding the club house and you have the means for a very enjoyable afternoon.


With all that beer, it was good to see that the back on the concrete terrace had a hedge. A toilet hedge.

Stadium 4/5

Valby Idrætspark is in the middle of a windswept sports complex. That is the only down point.

Either end had some wooden terracing going on. More stable than it sounds. A ‘large’ stand spanned one side with shallow concrete terracing on the other side. Lots of toilets, lots of bars, hedge toilet and a hedge.


Apparently, the main stand is condemned as of about now. Looked ok to me.

Fans 4.5/5

Easily the best at this level. Only 1,205 but one end was packed with a singing, dancing, drunken mass. Clear left-wing vibe going on that made a stark difference to the corporatism on show at the Danish Cup Final two days ago.

A pleasant line in decent music at half-time. IT made a change to the Skyfall loop that MTK used to play.

Those fans that were not joining in the singing looked like drunk sailors. That can only be a good thing.

Kit 3.5/5

They contain red, but this is almost compensated by the hoops. Who wears hoops outside Catholic Glasgow and Shepherds Bush. Fortunately, I have developed a figure that lets me sport horizontal stripes without shame. Thank god for running and vegetarianism. Look into.

Mascot 5/5

An elephant. An elephant.


Bonus half point for the pitch invader painted green and wearing purple pants. He was escorted back to the home fans by the stewards with many smirks. Nice.

28/35 – top of the table. If I stay at this level, I watch BK Frem. Brondby and FC Kobenhavn, what do you have for me?


Bleak, middle England industrial estate look

Matrix of Truth

BK Frem                28

B93                        20

Fremad Amager    18.5


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