Fremad Amager vs Matrix of Truth


This is how it begins. A trip to Soccerway for a fixture list, an attempt to implant Google Maps into my brain and a mad scramble across the Southern suburbs of the Danish capital in search of the elusive Sundby Idrætspark, home of Fremad Amager. Welcome to the Danish Second Division East.

Fremad Amager (pronounced Ermaar Am’ower or so it sounded to the unitiated fool like myself) are a team from the island of Amager to the South of the centre of Copenhagen. The recent history of the Englene (the Angels) has been turbulent with various mergers and demergers the like of which excite your international tax adviser like myself. These resulted in Fremad Amager playing in the lowest tier of Danish football some five years ago. A far cry from their UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup campaign of 1972/73 (losing to the mighty KS Besa Kavaje of Albania in the first round).


Just in case I forgot I was in Denmark

The only thing more elusive than the Sundby Idrætspark (home of Fremad Amager) was a bank machine meaning that Gy and I had to scrape together our coppers to afford the DKK 50 (GBP 5) entrance fee. No money for beer though. Fortunately, the sun was shining and the grass banks at one end of the stadium gave Gy a place to rest her weary head whilst I get on with the important business of choosing a new football team.

Fremad bedecked in blue and white were up against the BK Frem (Chesterfield vs. Chester of Denmark if you will) who were doing their best to look like Crystal Palace/Videoton/CSKA (in short blue and red stripes).

Anyway, time to let the Matrix of Truth to decide:

Team 3/5

Well they won 2-0 against second placed Frem and looked pretty good for the victory. I think I could develop something of a crush for the Viking-esque left back (it is always the left backs with me). The level of football was not great and getting the ball down and playing seemed to play very much second fiddle to physicality. So my score is a sit-on-the-fence, middle of the road, 3.

Rivalry 1/5

Really should have some more research on this. Frem brought a fair few of the 2,000 or so fans and created a reasonable din. However, the Fremad Amager seemed so friendly it is hard to see them having any real rivalry with anyone. Maybe I am wrong. In fact, I am probably one, but cannot really see these guys getting feisty at derby time.


Beer 4/5

A good bar to fan ration including a bar in a double decker bus. Makes total sense. No idea how much money the beer was as we only had DKK 2 (GBP 0.2 (yep just divide that DKK by ten)): it was probably expensive. The locals seemed very concerned with drinking and they even had special five pint carriers.

Stadium 3/5

Quaint. A stand, a wooden terrace and a grass bank. Kind of ruined by the part-sized athletic track (three lanes?) which meant any meaningful watching of the game was difficult. I could go back. If I could find it again…


Struggling to see from the grass bank

Fans 3/5

Friendly, but more interested in a day in the park than the football. Special mention to the drunk old sailor man who must be the only Dane who does not speak a word of English who opened up friendly conversation with an intimidated Gyongyi. He had a purple sailor hat.


Gy scarred by encounter with a sailor that was not my Dad.

Kit 4/5

Blue and white. Perfect start. No diagonal line though. Also they sold it for DKK 199 (you can do this one) which would be a financially reasonable addition to the collection.

Mascot 0.5/5

None. Although there was lots of blue and white sparkly ticker tape. The kids love ticker tape. As do I.



Fremad Amager – not bad. I could go back, but not sure I would fancy it on a cold rainy day in September (or any other month given the weather in Denmark.)


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