B93 vs Matrix of Truth

Ignorantly, George Bernard Shaw is a man that I know little about. However, in a week where many in Britain seem unwilling to accept the outcome of a free and open and election in line with the rules established by a constitution that has been in placed for centuries, his words below somewhat resonate.

Democracy is a device that ensures that we are governed no better than we deserve.

Politics in some respects is much like football. Defeat happens. Disappointment occurs. We blame the referee or the rules. But life without defeat is a life where victory has no sweetness. Magnamantiy shoud be a goal for all: not churlishness. And those who are churlish are deserving of the democracy that they have.

Democracy is not perfect (I will not quote Churchill), but unhappy Brits can go and try their luck in Eritrea if they fancy a change.

The Matrix of Truth is no democratic constitution. Although with a subject of one (me), the difference between autocracy, democracy and socialism becomes wholly blurred. (Maybe Gyongyi is also an indirect subject but we have already discussed that the weather cannot be a determinant in chosing a football team.)

Anyway, like Laurence of Arabia (anyone get that connection?) I venture forth. Unlike Laurence, Copenhagen is my field, not the Eastern expanses of the Arab peninsula (anagram of Luna Penis).

B93. A glance at the fixture list reveals an opportunity to go above and beyond my original five options and experience life yet again in the Danish Second Division East (I probably do have more productive things to do, but with Gy out of town, football seems like a good an option as any (apart from making some new friends, exploring the city, cleaning the flat, learning Danish etc.).

Team 3/5

Terrible. Truly terrible. We are talking about eighth tier English football here. Neither team was able to keep possession for more than fifteen seconds. The ball was in the air most of the time and there were some hefty tackles on the slick surface. The game was won by the only moment of any class as the B93 left winger tucked away a decent opportunity.

Terrible, but great.

Rivalry 2/5

There is only one rival. B1903. Exactly 1810 arbitrary units better than B93. Life has been tough for B93ers in this respect. Actually, I am not sure whether there is any particular rivalry between these clubs. If I become a fan, this is certainly a game that will a) help me learn the Danish numbers for 3, 9, 1 and 0 and b) get the blood boiling.

Actually B93 share their stadium with Skjold (pronounce anyway you like) and it is just a stone’s throw away from Parken home of FC Kobenhavn (who may play in the same neighbourhood, but are a galaxy away in terms of quality) so there are a couple of NE Copenhagen derbies to be had.

Much like last week’s trip to Fremad Amager, I struggle to see this friendly little team from having any rival that will match those of my other clubs (Spurs, Zenit and MTK).

That is Parken (national stadium) in the background

Beer 4.5/5

DKK 25 making it possibly the cheapest beer in town. Tasted like Fosters, but what does one expect at a football match. Loses half a point because there was only one vending point on the opposite side of the stadium from the only shelter.


Stadium 4/5

Østerbro Stadium sits to the North East of the centre of Copenhagen, but is within striking distance of the Little Mermaid for those wanting to check out a semi-naked, wistful mermaid sitting on a rock before/after a trip to the stadium. Another athletics track made for distant viewing, but a reasonable stand made the view a far cry from that at Fremad Amager.

Interestingly, the stadium played host to the World Outgames 2009. As a potential competitor in the World Deaf Games, I am always interested in the qualifying criteria. Apparently there are none for the World Outgames. See you in 2017?


Half-time work out?

Notable features included a railway station like edifice housing the changing rooms, neoclassical statues depicting naked athletes and a small running track section, chin-up bar and other assorted gym equipment under the main stand.


Fans 2.5/5

Few, but passionate and interested in the football.

Kit 4/5

White shirts and blue shorts. Also, different players had different sponsors – TimmyBacsi marketing opportunity?  Also bonus points for excellent badge.


Mascot 0/5

Nope. Can Gyongyi cope without a mascot to wave at?

20/30. Jumps to the top of the Matrix of Truth table. Will it stay there?

Matrix of Truth

B93                        20

Fremad Amager    18.5


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