We go again – Nyiregyhaza (Away) Preview

After my last (last) home game of 2014/15, I huddled down with Gyongyi (and some other men dressed in red shirts) whilst dressed like Stevvie G and did this.  I did get confused between Norwich and Nyiregyhaza though which is probably due to their far flung nature.

That’s right. We are not quitters. We fight until the end. The end being next Wednesday morning and the goal being to watch MTK. The schedule is tight. So tight in fact that many people would consider a reckless early morning departure from a wedding in Fehervar to Nyiregyhaza as impossible. Not us. What would Stevie G do? (Actually, he would probably floor the DJ at the party for not playing Cher before slipping over at the crucial time. Hehe. It is funny because it is Liverpool.)  We go again.   RAAAAARRR!!

Nyiregyhaza is famous for its zoo. That, my friends, family and lover, is a Tim Top Fact.

The game will be on Saturday afternoon at 16.00 and with the weather in Hungary currently pleasantly sunny, I am hugely looking forward to it. MTK are missing Kanta J after he suffered a small injury against those Gyor devils so creativity may be somewhat lacking. That said, Kanta has faded post-Christmas so I would love to see Hajdu given the chance to slot in to the creative midfield role. From what I have seen of him, he seems to have an eye for a pass and looks composed on the ball. Alternatively, Garami J could go with a midfield three of Thiam, Vass A and Poloskei. This would be pretty flat and overly defensive against a team that are probably more or less safe with another win or two.

I fear this may be a repeat of the Dunaujvaors game with MTK lacking any decisiveness up top and Nyiregyhaza happy with a point. But, I will go with MTK to sneak it 2-0 (the last goal being scored on the counter in the dying embers of the game.)

So that is all I have time for for a preview. There will be two more TimmyBasci posts after this (ignoring future one-offs). Rest calm and celebrate with us….


MTK fan club (Japanese section)

I will hopefully have a few surprises for the blog reviewing this game so stay tuned and stay safe (I think the promotion of safety is something that I have not highlighted enough in the last seven months).



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