Papa Shango – Papa (Home) Review

       DSC_0188  The end of a chapter


So my last MTK home game for the foreseeable future was marked by the tragic passing of the father of one of the MTK fans who has made me feel most at home at the club.  This tragedy can only put into perspective whatever emotions we feel about what is essentially a game: my sincerest condolences.  I also realised clearly that there was an MTK and an MTK family long before I arrived and there will be long after I leave: I can only thank them for welcoming me/tolerating me for the last couple of years…


Ultras pay tribute.


 I was happy to welcome three guests to enjoy the matchday experience.  Their matchday experience was (unsurprisingly) ruined by the ticket office affair and the utter confusion of the security guards.

As foreign citizens (as I know too well), my friends were able to obtain tickets using their foreign passports.  The same cannot be said for the poor grandchild of one of MTK’s fans, who was initially denied a ticket because he did not have the requisite fan card.  He was 9 years old and although I did spot some exuberance from his side inside the stadium itself, it was difficult to see the boy as a security threat.  Fortunately, a degree of common sense prevailed as after (angrily and noisily) handing over every personal details of the child, a ticket was issued.  Still I doubt that kid will be particularly enthusiastic about returning to a game (another one lost to televised football MLSZ!).


9 year old hooligan – should probably pixelate his face.

Requiring wheelchair access ourselves brought a whole world of confusion on the security staff.  To be honest, the simple act of counting would cause most security guards to self-combust.  After initially being surprised that Martin would want to get up to the stadium itself rather than wait for us next to the toilets, we were able to persuade them to head towards the required ramp.  However, this would involve crossing behind the main stand itself, again causing a whole host of perplexities and a barrage of radio communications (to a man within 10 yards shouting distance) before we final released without ticket or security check(!).


.Another trouble maker

We made it in time to observe the minute’s silence.

The Game

I may have suggested in my preview (LINK) that Lombard Papa are the worst team I have ever seen play.  I would like to reconfirm this statement.  They were truly terrible.  They struggled to make a successful pass, retain possession or keep any sort of shape.  MTK dominated from the off with Torghelle and the Doctor both dragging shots wide early on.  On 18 minutes, Csiki was assaulted whilst surging into the box and Kanta slotted home from the same spot where he missed his last penalty versus Ujpest (with the game at 0-0 earlier this season).  1-0.  Frankly, it was game over from that point onwards.  Szucs Lajos despite his portly frame and advancing years played quite well.  Denying MTK on another couple of occasions before half-time.


Just cannot get enough

The second half was more of the same with MTK in total comfort.  The game was put well beyond reach with Torghelle volleying on the turn (fairly impressively) after a deflected through ball.  2-0.  Torghelle looked a little better this game, but you can still tell he is not quite there and he knows he is not quite there.  Hopefully, he can regain his form and confidence before the season is out and start next year all guns blazing.

Csiki made it three with ten or so minutes left, slotting under the advancing keeper having found himself in all sorts of space in the inside left channel.  Csiki played well and seems to have regained an extra yard of pace.  Given his huge layout from injury, it was always going to take a while for him to get back to full match fitness and consistency (but he seems to be well on the way).

Special mention for MoM, Vass Adam who played very well, dominated the midfield and gave ample protection to Baki and Vuki.  Baki looks like a prospect as well and at 20, I am not sure how long MTK will be able to keep hold of this athletic, imposing centre half.

Points of note


·         Gedeon is the best mascot in the world.  Well, at least thanks to Fradi releasing a new mascot, he is no longer the weakest looking mascot in NB1.


  Gy takes mascot cuddling to another level.

·         Poor Patrik queues in line for refreshments despite being one of Hungary’s newest internationals.  He drank tea.

·         I have finally fully embraced the end of match high 5 even if I seem to look in entirely the wrong direction.

·         420 people is a rather lowly attendance.  In fact, this weekend saw the second lowest total attendance all season with less than 1,800 attending each game on average.  Seems like Csanyi Sandor’s (Head of Hungarian FA) assertion that the fan card system works given the full house for the Hungary – Greece came rings hollow now.


We have made it so far…


It was an odd feeling leaving the stadium.  In my heart and in my head, I know that I will be back (to this borrowed stadium or the new Hidegkuti Nandor Stadium), but I know that it will probably never be the same again.  I have only seen one iteration of an MTK side so my attachment is as much to this group of players as it is to the club itself.  Watching an MTK without Kanta, Horvath, Hegedus, Poor, Csiki etc. will not be the same.  Of course, I will continue to follow (but as I have learnt having followed Zenit and with a couple of ex-girlfriends) that time is the primary factor in dimming relationships.  Distance does not make the heart grow fonder, but memories will always remain.


Goodbye Kanta, man with the MTK jacket and the people I have met along the way.


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