Return of the Sh’t Football Weekend – Preview

After six days, it is the Return of the Sh’t Football Weekend (indeed of the weekend itself).

 2014-11-15 15.53.46

Ticket office that screams sh’t football – Love it.

Having played guest in Prague last weekend, it is my time to repay the favour as Martin and Colin had South towards the Balkans (you know you are Hungary) and I show them what Hungarian football is made of.

The Schedule

Puskas Akademia v Ferencvaros – 3 April

Fov. Vizmuvek SK v Unione FC – 4 April

MTK v Lombard Papa – 4 April

Ujpest v Videoton – 5 April

A real feast of football that really makes last weekend look like Brazil (if a time period can look like a country by reference to its sporting prowess).

The Real Hungarian Football – PAFC v FTC

We immediately encounter problems with the first game. A delightful trip to Orban ‘read latest news reports re. owners of Gyor to see what he has been up to recently’ Viktor’s hometown on a Friday evening was on the cards, but the game looks like selling out, we don’t have Puskas Akademia fan cards, it is impossible to buy tickets with a foreign passport in advance and the friendly folk at Puskas Akademia refuse to answer my emails and telephone calls. Throw in the requirement for wheelchair access and we have our perfect start to the weekend in a Hungarian style.


Me at Felcsut!!

Whether we make the trip to Felcsut is still in question. It might be better to settle into a good pub in Budapest and watch the game. For me, it is a fairly important one. A result for the despicable greens will see them leapfrog MTK for 23 hours and 30 minutes at least. Puskas Akademia did run Vidi very close a few weeks ago and with Fiola ‘not Italian’ Attila running the show at the back, I would be surprised to see Fradi run rampage. That said they are in form and are a stronger side than the plucky misfits from the other side of Etyek (some Hungarian geography for you there) so struggle to see beyond a win for the ‘Green Monster’ (their name not mine).

Felcsut will also see me return to the highest point of my fame to date (at least in Hungarian):

Check me out at 1:10,

How low can we go? – Fov. Vizmuvek SK v Unione FC

The Budapest regional league (fourth tier of Hungarian football) is not well known. Neither are the protagonists of the Saturday morning game. One side represents the capital’s water board and the other some sort of Union (as a guess). A mid-table clash promises little, but after the trip to Loko Vltavin last week, my expectations are high (well, the high end of very low).

WWF voodoo artiste meets provincial spa town – MTK v Papa

WTF?! Read about it here (

Dreams, dreams, dreams – Ujpest v Videoton

I just cannot take away the grain of hope that MTK will still win this blasted thing even with Vidi at 33/1 on to win. A win for MTK combined with defeat for Vidi will take the gap down to seven and maybe, just maybe I will jetting back to Miskolc at the end of May.

It does give us the chance to check at the Barbie House aka the Szusza Ferenc Stadium to complete a weekend of football ‘madness’. I have only ever camped out in the away end of this stadium (MTK 4-0 winners ;-)) so it will be pleasant to see if the locals really smell as bad as Fradi fans think they do.

2014-05-03 17.48.04

(Pleasant) View from the away end…

If Ujpest could score first (with plenty of exciting young midfield talent it is not beyond the realms of possibility), then they are more than capable of keeping Vidi blank. Vidi have such a lead that they might be thinking that they can sleepwalk to the title. Dangerous thinking indeed and guarding against complaceny is the biggest concern for the boys from Fehervar. Any slip in momentum could give a glimmer (very faint glimmer) of hope to MTK (and dare I say it Fradi). I’ll go with a score draw based on no research.


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