Papa Shango – Papa (Home) – Preview

papa Remember Papa Shango? How about if I tell you that he was the voodoo practicing witch doctor professional wrestler who first appeared in WWF in January 1992?   ‘Famed’ for carrying a skull into the ring and his ability to cast spells on his enemies and opponents alike. The Ultimate Warrior (RIP) was a particular target of his.

The two were never able to fight as The Ultimate Warrior (RIP) was ejected from WWF before Papa Shango slipped quietly out after exiting the 1993 Royal Rumble in under 30 seconds. Papa Shango is thought by many efficiandos of early 90s professional wrestling (honestly this does not include me) to be the worst character ever to grace the WWF ring. So where am I going with this… The Opponents Papa not only share a name, but also the lack of quality personified by the epitome of poor early 90s living room entertainment, Papa Shango. To quote myself (not enough people acknowledge my brilliance/saves me time rewriting) from my mid-season review: “Papa is a small town between Gyor and Szombathely with a population of 30,000, which along with Paks is the smallest town to host a Nemzeti Bajnoksag I team.  It has more or less been clinging to its place in the top flight since it was promoted in 2008/09 with league finishes of 11th, 13th, 14th 14th and 12th thereafter.  Expectations were similarly low going into the season and the club might be seen to be overachieving currently sitting in 12th and with a memorable home wine against Fradi under their belts.  Less than a month later, manager Matyus Janos (who had only taken the helm in the summer) declared that for various (unclear) reasons, he was no longer able to continue I in the position with Papa sitting 8th after seven rounds.  Six points from a possible 27 has followed and Papa have slipped to where they are now. Papa are in danger of becoming this season’s Mezokovesd and slipping out of the division altogether despite having a beyond respectable start to the season.  If their form does not improve somehow, then they will be nervously looking over their shoulder, but on the whole this is about where we would expect to see Papa.  I think that they will be safe.” Papa have played four games since the winter break picking up four points on the way. Against relegation rivals, they have beaten Dunaujvaros and lost to Nyiregyhaza to mean they are broadly treading water (3 points clear of safety) thanks to the abysmal form of Honved and Dunaujvaros. Whenever I have seen Papa, they have been terrible. Truly terrible. Even in the defeat of Fradi earlier this season, they offered little going forward and managed to edge a goal and hold on for dear life. MTK comfortably beat them 1-0 in Papa earlier this season and waltzed all over them 2-0 in the same fixture less than 12 months ago. My man Szucs Lajos ( continues to star in goal at the age of very old. Unfortunately, Gyongyi’s brother, Toth Gabor who always looked industrious at right back (like a sh’t Gary Neville) has moved on to Szeged 2011 having made some 186 appearances for the Papaites (my nicknames, not official). Being born in Kiskunhalas, it seems like homesickness and a desire for better access to better quality fish soup would be the reason behind the move. I will admit the rest of the team is unknown. My ignorance is not helped by taking a look at this season’s scorers as Papa have only managed a collective 11 goals all season in the league: the lowest total of any team. They also have the third worst defensive record. Papa have not scored a single goal against a team in the Top 10 (that is not Kecskemet) all season. If Papa were a professional wrestler, they would be Papa Shango. Without the black magic. IMG_0583[1]

Gyongyi totally in the wrestling mood

MTK A tough last couple of games went about as badly as they could have done. This is not the time to rehash those event which can be read at ( and Onwards and upwards. MTK still have second in their hands. They now have a relatively easy run in with only trips to Ujpest and Diosgyor at the very end of the season not definitely winnable for this team. Whether the club fancy trips to Armenia or Kazakhstan in late June/early July is another question. Think the team will pick itself this week. Hegedus – Vadnai, Vuki (back from suspension), Baki, Nagy – Csiki, Vass A, Polo, Kanta, Horvath – Torghelle. Poor may get a run out if he has recovered from injury and I would not be surprised to see Bese start in place of Csiki. Getting back to winning ways against a team who are at 8/1 to win is crucial. A few goals along the way could bring back the feel good factor to this young squad that has stuttered when faced with the double hurdles of Vidi and Fradi smashing into them like that deranged horse at Modern Pentathlon that everyone wants to avoid. Prediction I will be wildly optimistic and go for a 3-0 win aka The Clothesline (to continue the tenuous wrestling theme). Torghelle to score a brace (if I keep predicting him to score then surely he eventually will) and a Kanta penalty for the other. Final note In all likelihood, this is my last MTK home game of the season and most probably my last MTK game this year (possibility of sneaky trip to Nyiregyhaza remain). I am not one for goodbyes so I don’t want to dwell on this too long, but more on the fact that this weekend will see me welcome two good friends to Budapest for the Return of the Sh’t Football Weekend (I know the last one was only last weekend!).


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