Gyongyi…the final word?


Hopeful anticipation of….

TB: So here we are in the pub after the Fradi-MTK game (the orokrangado).  Sure you don’t want to rethink your lowest moment of the season?

Gy: The lowest point and experience easily was the Fradi-MTK match on the 22 March, when after a whole match of screaming and cheering for (at that point I thought my team)…a guy from the “ultras”*…sorry they are not ultras just “ultras”, told me off…saying  do not embarrass them/”us” even more after a loss of 2-0. U know what? If u feel the team is more yours than anyone else’ mine…than just try to cheer as a real fan. Or why do you even go to a football match? I feel like we gave our heart and soul and it was not enough.. hajra Bronby.


offside decision after…

TB: Yep.  It is a tough one to take.  I am sure he was just disappointed with the result. Would now be a good opportunity to learn about the offside rule?

Gy: [Expletive]

TB: By the way there is a ‘d’ in Brondby [although now it is clearly apparent that this was not a spoken interview].

Gy: [Expletive]

TB: More beer and then a curry?

Gy: [Expletive] yes.


offside decision.

* Most/all MTK ultras are currently boycotting away games in protest over the fan cards.


 I realise now that the title of this post could be misconstrued as some sort of threat.  That is not my intention.


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