Out of the frying pan into the fire – Ferencvaros (Away) Prediction


So Friday is here and as promised it is prediction time. MTK played Pecs away in the League Cup on Tuesday, which gave Garami Jozsef the opportunity to experiment with centre back options. He started the game with Baki-Thiam before brining on young Hungarian U19 international Talaber Attila to slot alongside Baki. MTK kept a clean sheet (although Pecs reserve team is not a patch on Fradi) and Garami stated that he was happier with the performance after the break. I did not see the game so it is hard to comment. It would be a brave decision to give the youngster his first appearance in the league from the start.

I have a deep seated fear that Fradi will probably win this game 2-0. Indeed, MTK have not won in the 9th district since 2002 and unfortunately I think the lack of experience at the back will probably be the difference between the two teams. But in a country where negativity is a national sport, let me be Voldermor to Harry Potter (I have never read these books so have no idea if that makes any sense). MTK will win after Bode is sent off for throwing an elbow into Baki’s face in the first half. Kanta will score (a deflected) free kick before Torghelle prods home from close range to send the away support (that’s me) into delirium. We then take our shirts off and jig like a cat on a hot tin roof (another blind literary reference and surely the cat would not walk on the hot tin roof, it would just turn back the way it came from unless someone had thrown the cat onto the roof, which is mean.)


Gedeon likely to take a beating…stay safe

So there we go…2-0 MTK (throw in a defeat for Orban’s runaway leaders against their feeder club from Orban’s home town – hahahaha – and the title is back on).


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