Gyongyi speaks…


Time for fictional Danish politics, the hot, chivalrous goalkeeper and waving at a goose as Gyongyi takes time out to speak to TimmyBacsi (or me if third person/first person speak is not your thing).  Enjoy…


TimmyBacsi: So 12 months ago you were an avid football hater, yet here we are coming towards the end of the 2014/15 season and you have become one of MTK’s most eager supporters following the team home and away.  What happened?

Gyongyi: I don’t think I was a football hater; I was simply just genuinely not interested in football at all and felt like it is a complete waste of time. When you first took me to a match I was amazed what a great atmosphere there was there and they sell beer and you have sunshine and lots of people shouting. Shouting actually together with yoga is the most amazing stress release I have come across. Ever since that 1st match, despite the cold or bad weather, I am happily joining Timmybacsi, plus the other fans are really cool, you can hitchhike from the matches home, chat to interesting people, wave at Gedeon [MTK’s goose mascot], eat carrots during the matches and confuse security, take random pics of random injured players. Great fun. Though I still don’t understand the Offside rule.


Celebrating an offside decision?

TB: I always thought that you knew the offside rule because it makes you so angry at the linesman.  What is your highlight of the season?  The one moment or match that you will remember most fondly?

Gy: Every time Gedeon waves back at me, that is my highlight of the matches, or when Patrik [Poor] waved back at me from the MTK bus, that was pretty cool too. So many good memories, would be impossible to choose one.


He is ignoring you

TB: Hm.  It seems like it is mainly about the waving!?  We need to make sure that whichever team we follow in Denamrk has a jovial mascot.  Favourite away trip?

Gy: I loved the one in Pécs and Győr. If I had to choose, they were my 2 absolute favourites. I haven’t been to Pécs for a long time and it is an amazing city to start with, then we fell in love with the pub Egylett. Also there is that amazing 2nd hand bookstore run by this awesome guy, who chats to you for hours and gives you free wine. Also the Győr one was brilliant, running in the morning around the city and the river and halaszle [Hungarian fish soup] and meeting my friend there was pretty special. Showing Timmybacsi around all these towns and the countryside made me feel like a responsible Hungarian fellow introducing the foreigner to the “real” Hungary. One of my regrets though is not doing Couchsurfing when going to away matches, it would have been pretty awesome to meet some more locals and get to know their point of view about Hun football.


Dancing in Szombathely.

TB: Good choices.  Egylett was an amazing pub: we did go there three times in one day.  Let’s hope for an August trip to Pecs next season as well.  Do you think you average Hungarian football fan couchsurfs?

Gy: Hm, you might be right, the football fans are probably not Couchsurfers, however it would still be quite interesting to meet them, after all before meeting you on Couchsurfing, I wasn’t a football fan either (not that I consider myself one now).

TB: What was your lowlight of the season so far?

Gy: Lowlight was definitely the disappointing organization of the matches: getting locked up in our own (ok..Honved’s) stadium, being surrounded by away fans on MTK’s side at several matches, and the incompeteny of refs and MLSZ. I think without MLSZ and corruption, Hungarian football would have a chance to resurrect. Also if the statsminister [Danish: Prime Minister] was Birgitte.


Security guard power tripping.

TB: I assume that this is an oblique reference to excellent Danish political drama, Borgen?  Who would Birgitte support?

Gy: I don’t think she would get engaged in football topics (she has no time for it). She is way more professional and busy with actual Danish political issues that does have an impact on the life of the people. She is a moderate politicatian, viewing the democracy as The Thing above all, highlighting the tranparency of her politicians including herself, protecting the freedom of press and sensible politics, which instead of mudfighting, values the direct, sensible, high profile professional talks and communication.

TB: Well this is very much going off in a direction that I was not expecting it!!  I do get a feeling that you might be comparing and contrasting fictional Danish politics with contemporary Hungarian politics, but I think that is for another day.  Favourite player and why? 

Gy: I think I have only elaborated the series’ main character’s political points of view, which I found incredibly overwhelming. I love Lajos. He is the best goalie that Hungary has ever had. Also he can look like a frightened rabbit on pictures plus he doesn’t drink the crappy cheap Borsodi when he is injured and watching the matches with the fans (yeah, this time it is a comparison, Timmybacsi [possible reference to my broken ankle which has taken me five weeks to recover from, which I would say is remarkable]) to recover more quickly. Also he might prefer wine which makes him a delightful and classy gentleman.


Blowing kisses at Lajos.

TB: So my fiancée has the hots for the MTK goalkeeper.  Final question – prediction for the Ferencvaros game…

Gy: I hope we get in [to the stadium] in the first place and out alive. I predict that it will be great fun 🙂

fradi 2

Gy at the ‘home’ Orokrangado in Autumn 2014

TB: Thanks, Gy for one of the more bizarre conversations that I have ever had about football.

Hajra MTK.  Please comment below if you would like to ask Gy a question about MTK, Hungarian football or any other topic.


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