Poor Gyor II

Following the seeming popularity of yesterday’s Gyor news.  I return with more…


Picture totally unconnected to the story other than the fact it was taken in Gyor.  Who would of thought Gyor needed a British shop?

Gyor played out a drab 0-0 draw against Lombard Papa yesterday evening in front of a paltry 2,000 fans.  However, the financial situation looks as bleak as ever. The major of Gyor, Borkai Zsolt, announced that the city would do all it could to help the club, but this help would be extended to supporting the youth teams only.  News also emerged that it had been agreed by Orban “the Great Leader” Viktor that the State does not finance professional football (cough, cough, cough).

A (hilariously translated by Microsoft Translator) quote attributed to Borkai reads:

“Public funds are not continuing to operate a first-class football team, so we should be primarily on the supply.

In addition, the Prime Minister would approve of, that I was touching myself and to do everything to save “

In short, apart from a few forints for some youth football, the Government will not be bailing out Gyori ETO.  (Nepszava article here for the Hungarian readers http://nepszava.hu/cikk/1051371-gyor-az-eto-moge-allhat).

2014-09-14 15.09.14

In totally unconnected news, the Government announced one week ago that it would be investing HUF 2bn (EUR 6.5mn) into the construction of an additional two pitches (alongside the existing seven training pitches and pitch inside the stadium itself) at Felcsut (home of the Prime Minister and 1,800 other residents).  EU funds (EUR 2mn) will also be used to construct a railway inside Felcsut itself enabling people to travel from the training complex to the town’s arboretum.


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