Day of Reckoning Part 1 – Videoton (Home) Review


I write this with a very bitter taste in my mouth. Never have I been so close, yet so far, from tasting title glory. Never have I been so proud of a team yet ultimately (and unfairly) disappointed in them. I feel like I have given my heart to not just MTK, but to Hungarian football, but have had that very heart stamped upon by the football God/Orban.


I arrived at the stadium some 50 minutes before the game. I was nervous. I wanted to be a part of ‘it’ from as early as possible. TimmyBacsi will soon die (like we all will some day in the future), but the very recognition of those dying days made me more eager to savour them. (Remember that day when we are old and every game is a reminder of our own mortality, surviving week to week, we will survive, we will endure.).

MTK started like a house on fire. Like the burning building that I escaped from. Hot and all destroying. Vidi like me survived the lick of fire (with the help of linesman from Felcsut). Horvath “the Doctor” Zsolt fizzed a shot past the far post before Csiki was unable to bring the ball under his spell. MTK (thanks to Garami) spotted that the Vidi fullbacks were too tucked in against the long diagonals, creating a few chances.

On c. 38 minutes the game changed. A lofted ball forward saw Fecscezsinsecsin(sp) pull Poloskei back, drive past a never-quick Vuki and stumble at the faintest of touches. Red card for Vuki. Game over and tears on the stand on the pitch.  Hard to accept, hard to stomach.


I want.

Vidi made a mess of the subsequent free kick, but the tide had turned.

Much like the previous week, I can never have been more proud of a team. MTK left everything on the pitch and if Garami had had a gilet, he would have worn it snugly around his aged body and never have contemplated tossing it to a place where no one cared.

Vidi were frankly disappointing. I had expected them to blow us away. Kovacs looks like a prospect, but apart from that they were average. Possibly representative of the level of the Hungarian league. A floated cross on about 65 minutes saw Fecscezsinsecsin(sp) put a great header past the diving Hegedus. Vidi’s fans went wild along with the Orban household – I think I saw a linesman give it the clenched fist also.

MTK continued to huff and puff, but 10 men gave us no chance.


Gedeon, we shall forever see rainbows

(B)MLSZ’s fan card system again showed little sign of working as tens of fans sitting in the MTK section welcomed Vidi’s goal and ultimate success. I am yet to see any reason behind the system (evidenced by the queues of fans wanting to buy tickets to the national team’s upcoming game against Greece). What better way of annoying the home fans by having a crowd of away support hollering in victory?? Poor Poor Patrick was even stopped by ticket inspectors to have his entrance checked.

What more to say!? The title is lost. I fear that this is the closest to a title that I will ever be.  Next year is next year. I have given MTK my all and I think that they have done the same. From Szombathely to Gyor, I have enjoyed every minute.  TimmyBacsi will become OnkelBent.

Thank you MTK. Fuck you Orban Vi   ktor.


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