Day of Reckoning Part 1 – Videoton (Home) Preview

By very definition, I am not sure that there can two parts occurring a week apart from each other to a Day of Reckoning, but it feels like that for the team from the 8th District. MTK face runaway leaders Videoton at 14.00 this Saturday before making the short trip to the 9th District to face Ferencvaros. In all likelihood, these games will go a big way to determining MTK’s season. But more importantly – to noone other than me – this weekend sees the return of Fejes Andras. Fejes Andras and I used to be close…very close (that is verging on homoeroticism, but as readers of my previous posts know I am not a huge fan of the delete button). We spent many seasons in the sun…


Andras and I at Christmas…

pilgrimAndras and I dressed as Pilgrim Forefathers


 Andras and I comparing facial hair…

Unfortunately for Andras, he has only made three appearances in the league this season as he has played second fiddle to the impressive looking Stopira. Left back has been one of the positions that has caused some trouble for MTK this season (as they attempted to replace Andras who had spent the previous season on loan) with Poor Patrick, Hidvegi Sandor and, now, Vadnai Daniel starting over the course of the season. I think it is a shame for both parties that a deal was not made for him to spend another season (or longer) at MTK. He may disagree if he receives a NB1 winner’s medal at the end of the season.   It is MTK’s job to try and stop that happening. 2013-08-04 18.15.17

Vidi fan for the day (vs Fradi) – August 2013

The Opposition

In all honesty though, the Videoton team are a class above the rest of the league at the moment. If it were not for MTK picking up a fair few undeserved victories over the season so far, they would already have the title sewn up. With the exception of Hegedus Lajos, it is difficult to pick an MTK player who could justifiably demand a starting place in the Videoton team. They have also managed to play a fairly settled XI week-in week-out without many injuries. I would expect the starting line-up put out by the (rather odd looking) Joan Milan Carrillo to look something like this (4-2-3-1):

Calatayud – (19 appearances out of 19 league games)


Szolnoki (16)   Juhász R. (18)   Vinícius (16)    Stopira (17)


Sándor Gy. (18)  Trebotic (17)  


Gyurcsó (18)       Kovács I. (17)         Oliveira (17)


Nikolics N. (18)

In Juhasz Roland (developed by MTK), Videoton have the best CB in the league. He marshals a defence that has conceded 8 goals all season as well as collecting 5 goals himself. Indeed the four defenders listed above have scored seven goals themselves. Juhasz appears to be flourishing again in NB1 having spent 8 years at Anderlecht picking up four league titles to go with his Hungarian title won at MTK in 2003.

Gyurcso (the once bright young thing of Hungarian football, but still only 24) will offer genuine pace from right wing with Oliveira (previously at Chelsea’s youth system) drifting in from the left. Sandor Gyorgyi will in all likelihood anchor the midfield alongside Trebotic. Recent national side debutant (and another slight, gifted, attacking midfield product of the youth academy out in Szombathely), Kovacs Istvan will pull the strings. Standout performer is Nikolic Nemanja who is averaging exactly a goal a game this season and has been attracting interest from clubs across Europe. I understand his contract is up at the end of the season so it looks likely that he will be determined to make sure his last season is a success before moving on to pastures new.

Vidi’s form has unsurprisingly dropped after winning the first ten games of the season such that they have only won three of their last six league games (the other three were draws). Their only defeat came at home to Debrecen thanks to a goal of some brilliance by Kulcsar Tamas. Victory will in all likelihood mean that the title is going to Szekesfehervar for only the second time in history and will allow some room for error as Vidi play eight of the enxt nine games away from home (due to stadium reconstruction). I am pretty sure Vidi would take a draw.


MTK need a win to close the gap on Videoton and put them under some sort of pressure. The reverse fixture in August saw MTK humbled 5-0 and based on the highlights that could have been a few more as well (see MTK are going to have to play out of their skins and take any chance that comes their way.

The return of Hegedus last week gives me some more confidence and Thiam’s suspension will (gladly) see the return of Vass A alongside Poloskei. Keleman David who was ill last week (and not injured as per the week before (see Update below for latest news on this)) may slot back alongside Vuki. Baki Akos at 20 in his last two games has done enough to suggest that he may feature in the first team more prominently from next season. It would be nice to see Poor back, but he is very unlikely to be match fit so Vadnai will start again at LB (and fingers crossed he improves on his first two performances or Gyurcso will give him a torrid time).

Up front, I will be very disappointed if Horvath “the Doctor” Zsolt does not start. He has looked in form in his two appearances from the bench so far and has changed the game in MTK’s favour on both occasions. Bese should probably start on the other wing, but I feel Garami will go with Csiki. Torghelle will be up against his last club so will probably score or get sent off (or both). Hrepka has not really had much of an influence on games (other than away at Gyor) and he reminds me far too much of Eppel Marton who played the first half of last season up top. The ball tends to bounce off him as a hold-up man (which is what this team needs) and he lacks the pace to stretch the defence. He can finish though.

MTK need to score the first goal, drop deep and hope that they can pick Vidi off before Nikolic takes any chance that comes his way. (I think this is another reason I would go with Bese as he has a bit more pace to threaten on the counter than Norbi). If MTK concede first, it is difficult to see them getting back into the game. MTK as they setup at the moment are not designed really to chase games and when they concede they tend to struggle to break teams down (whilst still leaving their fairly slow centre-halves vulnerable to counterblows). On top of that, Vidi are probably just too good to lose from a winning position.


Once again the heart and head have very conflicting opinions. Head says Vidi will probably score in the first twenty and coast to a 3-0 victory. But if we let our heads rule our bodies, we would all be soulless automatons fit for working in a Fordeqsue dystopia only. As such, with a tired red rose between my teeth I shall predict 2-1 to MTK. MTK to take two goal lead before surviving a Vidi onslaught to sneak home and add a little life into the race for the championship. (Andras to play the whole game on the bench.)

UPDATE – Just after this went to press, it was announced that both Kelemen David and Kalnoki-Kis David wish to continue their careers elsewhere when their contracts end in June.  As such, they will both see out the remainder of their MTK careers in the reserve team.  Thanks for the memories and hope you enjoy your extra HUF 10,000 a week wherever it is that you end up.  Rumours abound that Poor Patrick could also be off at the end of the season and this may explain his prolonged absence from the starting XI.


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