Going for Gold


Going for Gold

Did you know that members of the broader MTK sport club have won 33 Olympic gold medals, which puts it above India, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Czech Republic and Slovakia in the all time Olympic Medal table?  Henry Kelly (tax evader) would have a field day with this information.


Tunde letting down a nation

Post-winter-pre-mid-season preparation

Two games for MTK, two wins (Cegled 3-1, Vasas 2-1), three injuries.


Deutsch Bence (son of our favourite Fidesz politician Deutsch Tamas – MTK chairman (libelous comment that can be looked up on Google by Hungarian speakers)) suffered a leg breaker on the plastic playing field of Vasas and looks like he will not be breaking into the first team squad for another year.  Shame for the lad, who seemed to have more potential than his political brother-in-law Orban Gaspar.  Hegedus Lajos also suffered what seems to be a minor injury (one can only hope based on the goal conceded by his replacement against Vasas) and Vass Adam avoided a break but appears to have suffered ligament damage with the exact damage to be ascertained once the MRI machine has been found and fired up.  Fingers crossed.  Further news to be released on MTK twitter feed – ohlala.

 MTK faces Szigetszentmiklos in their last warm-up game on these shores on Saturday (match likely to be played behind closed doors for safety reasons!?) before heading off to Turkey for some warmish weather training.  The sooner they get off these plastic pitches the better for the knees of all concerned.  Harry Redknapp would not last long.

Transfer window

After last year’s winter excitement, seeing the much needed signings of Torghelle and Vass Adam (as well as the less successful Rodenbucher Istvan), not much happened this time round at MTK.  Rodenbucher departed the club for Paks (don’t eat the fish soup there, son).  18190

Elsewhere, the most/least surprising move saw Fiola ‘not Italia’ Attila move from Paks to Puskas Akademia who could do with shoring up there defence to ward off a potential relegation fight.  Quite why he ended up in Felcsut despite being the first choice RB for Hungary, I guess we will never know (ahem!)

Elsewhere, Diosgyor lost Kadar Tamas (ex-Geordie) to Lech Poznan, where he joins Holman David (on loan from Fradi) and Lovrencsics Gergo (who has been there a while).  Poznan seemingly trying to tap into a rich vein of Hungarian talent that the rest of the world is blind to.  Elek Akos also leaves Diosgyor (somewhat surprisingly) to continue his career at the Development Area Stadium, home of Changchun Yatai (somewhat surprisingly.)  Apparently, Changchun Yatai does not mean “I have sacrificed the promise of playing at a higher level for a pay cheque” in Chinese although it is known as “China’s Detroit” according to the font of knowledge that is Wikipedia.  Sounds lovely.

Truck in Changchun goes same way as Elek Akos’ career in Changchun

Fradi brought in Hajnal Tamas and Varga Roland to add some international experience although neither signing strikes me as a Thomas Doll inspired transfer.  Ujpest lost Simon Krisztian to Bundeliga 2 in what is probably be the most interesting transfer of the window.  He needs the experience and challenge of playing at a higher level (although he has the capacity to go missing in games which needs to be stamped out if he is to progress further).

24 days to go!!


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