Return of the Hack

As the dying throes of January are greeted by us all with delight, the return of Hungarian football is just around the corner (one month away*) and it is time to throw off the gloves and return to the beaverish typing that has made this the number one English language, MTK fan site in the world. If I had the (any) funds, I would request a special Mark Morrison RnB classic to mark the first blog post of 2015.

After a 2014, that saw two orokrangado success over Fradi, a spate of late winners and the end of the Hidegkuti Nandor Stadion, what can 2015 have to offer me (and you, you internationally spread MTK sympathisers)? What do I want?

No more Veni vidi vici

Videoton are a cool 8 points clear of MTK and 12 points away from third place Diosgyor. A toughish looking trip to Gyor is first up before a home tie against Nyieregyhaza and then an away trip to MTK. Three wins in these three games will see the league done and dusted in my eyes and Vidi only nine points short of Debrecen’s championship winning tally of 62 from last season. Defeats in Gyor and the capital (thanks to a Fejes Andras howler) could see MTK and the chasing pack breathing down Vidi’s neck who face a ludicrous amount of away trips in the run in.

It may be unlikely and Vidi are currently 4/1 on to win the league, but it would at least breath some excitement into a league season that dangers on turning into a procession.


 The Big One – Orokrangado

This is the important one. It will be my first ever away orkorangado. I have three desires for this game:

  • I get tickets for me and my visiting foreign friends.
  • I get to and from the game in relative safety and with an appropriate level of alcohol inside me.
  • MTK win (ideally in the last minute with Kanta Jozsi driving home from 25 yards before Garami Jozsi knee slides in front of the delirious away fans).


Photo: Máté Krisztián

I have been looking forward to this game for a long time. I feel that MTK’s season may be petering out by the end of March when this game comes around as they are swallowed up by the teams below them. A win at the first derby at Fradi’s new stadium would make the season a success whatever goes down from here on in (although hopefully a European place beckons).

Relegation mayhem

It is all looking very tight at the bottom and with the prospect of three of the last round of matches involving teams in the current bottom six, I sense a relegation shoot out. That would be nice although I am not sure how Hungarian TV could cope with the prospect. Maybe Sky Sports can take control as we go around the grounds catching the anguish as two teams slip out of the top flight in last minute goal action despair. Or something like that. (While MTK seal the league title in Miskolc, ahem!)

The return of hope

Hungary follow up a convincing victory over Greece by scrapping out a victory during an endless day in mid-June in Helsinki. Qualification is all but secured in a well-mannered game against Romania in Budapest as Vlad Chiriches puts a shadow on his recent multi-million pound from Spurs by scoring an own goal in front of an excitable home crowd. Romanian and Hungarian fans put aside years of animosity as they end up dancing in hand-in-hand around the centre of Budapest before agreeing (with some Poles) to take on the SLovakia by mounting an unorganized, drunken and ultimately, ill-fated campaign on Sturovo.


In order to capitalize on the ground swell of footballing pride, MLSZ scrap the fan card system seeing the largest turnout for an opening day of a league since [insert any date], with a full house at the Ulloi uti stadion witnessing Vasas put four past a stunned Fradi. The ever increasing discarded Madrid, Barca and Bayern memorabilia creates litter chaos throughout the country resulting in a public burning of foreign football shirts in front of Parliament. The resultant poisonous fug envelopes parliament and has the bizarre effect of inducing rationality amongst the country’s parliamentarians. Hungarians smile again!!

MTK go home

Following the wave of Hungarian joy, productivity soars. MTK’s new stadium is built in record time and they return just in time to record a Europa League victory over an Arsenal team that have finally listened to the fans and sacked Arsene Wenger. Timmy Bacsi is the official stadium announcer for the visiting away fans, who end up taking a circuitous route back to their hotel via Kobanya-Kispest after being serenaded with a rousing and misplaced rendition of Ossie’s Dream.


* Keep your eyes peeled though as I hope to bring some international football flavour to the blog throughout the month of February.


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