Jarni Army – Pecs (Home) Review


Game of the season?  Probably. Soviet style metro ride of the season?  Definitely.

A game that ignored the frost that surrounded it.  3 away fans and not many more more home fans were treated to a ripsnorter.

Thiam was disappointingly dropped to the bench for Poloskei who made a return from injury.  Vass P and Horvath (the Doctor) Zsolt started on the wings (in a throwback to the beautiful Spring of 2014).  Gedeon looked unimpressed.  And lonely.  Mainly lonely.  And cold.


I am taller than you.

 MTK decided to do the exact opposite to last week and blast themselves out of the block.  Boom. 1-0.  Torghelle Sanyi firing into the far corner.  4-1 is too pessimistic.  MTK are going to walk this one as Hegedus almost gets caught off his line from 40 yards.  A desperate claw saves him (and us) from the embarrassment of a Pecs equaliser.  Nevertheless it seemed that the defence had no such qualms about an equaliser as Frank Richard found himself free at the far post to turn the ball into an unguarded net. Cr’p ball!  Ebreszto!!  Is Frank Richard the only man to score for the away team in both games between teams in one season?  If he is then he is probably the worst one to do so.  Never trust a man with two first names…

MTK lost their momentum and started to play on Pecs’ level. Jarni made himself heard in pidgin English and his commands to get forward seemingly led to a Pecs second on the stroke of half time.  Most MTK fans were left scratching their heads as to how MTK had let their initial dominance lead to a half time deficit.  Time to retreat to the warmth of the bar where I met these two hools…


Do these two have fan cards??

One of them followed me out for the second half. I will admit, I was scared.  These two looked up for trouble.  The old boy had something against the ref.  Even Gedeon looked like he sensed the impending trouble and did one into the changing room.  See the fear in my eyes.  That thumb was either pointing up or being broken.


P1030158 P1030155

Gedeon running from trouble

Thiam came on in the second half for Poloskei and immediately showed a strength and determination previously absent. MTK suddenly looked up for the fight and Pecs looked like the plucky young relegation fighters that they are. JozsiBacsi took another 15 minutes to realise that once again Vass P was making no impact on the game. This is my biggest disappointment this year and judging by the way he retreated to the dressing room, Vass P is feeling much the same. I have no idea how the young lad can reclaim his form of six months ago, but he needs to make something happen soon otherwise the team will be leaving him behind. Csiki Norbi was the man to replace Vass P. And he made an immediate impact, deciding that walking the ball into the net was not as efficient as just kicking the ball into the onion bag. Boom 2-2. Now I was expecting MTK to steam roll the away team (alas they were down to two fans now), but MTK laboured to make many more chances. The next twenty minutes were epitomised by refereeing incompetence, which seems to be becoming more and more common.

As news came through of Vidi destroying Papa, it increasingly seemed like MTK would surrender the league to be a one horse race. But then a counter attack led to the ball being rolled into the path of Csiki Norbert who (for a brief moment) pretended to be Cristiano Ronaldo and curled the ball into the top corner. GET IN! Csiki ‘f;;;in’ Norbert. You have just made me forget about the fact that I cannot feel my feet.


3-2 it ended. Most entertaining game of the season although MTK need the break. Sanyi could hardly walk at the end. Kanta has been exhausted for weeks and the Doctor seems to be struggling with his knees. Thankfully for MTK, Csiki Norbi stood up to be counted and won the points single-handedly.P1030160

Positive start for Jarni and I reckon Pecs might just drag themselves out of the pickle they find themselves in. MTK go to Debrecen for the last game pre-Christmas hoping that they are just about clinging on the tails of Vidi in 2015.

Hajra MTK!!  Just hope I don’t have to mix with the MTK Senior Hools again.  Look at the fear.  Not sure I will be seeing that shirt ever again.



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