Wuthering Heights – Diosgyor (Home) Reveiw

I am not sure how I should adverb this blog: miserably, disappointingly, or objectively.  I will start with the latter.  (These may not be adverbs, but I don’t care because I just drunk a lovely IPA to top off some terrible commerical lagers.)  What are you going to do about that you didn’t do to Alanis Morissete?  Stick some ‘irony’ down my throat?)  Ok, maybe this will be a blog written angrily.

2014-11-22 12.57.39    Delightful trip the stadium.

As you can tell if you did not know already, MTK lost?  It was coming.  A game we did not deserve to lose.  Yeah, Ujpest beat us but they probably deserved it.  This is annoying because a) they probably didn’t and b) BacsiJozsi does not read my blog.

2014-11-22 13.54.46

Working class setting

Watching the warm-up made it clear to me that this team was more Serbian than I had previously thought.  They were huge.  And when they announced that Takacs and Griffiths were both playing, it seemed like we had been transformed into playing Stoke.  This was going to be physical as everyone of the Diosgyor players seemed to have been brought up on cevapcici and grown to the best part of two metres as a result.  Despite this BacsiJozsi went with Vass P and Hrepka out wide.  Grrr.  Vass P is about 5’4” and Hrepka not much taller.

It seems that the MTK players had the same reaction as us and frankly shat themselves.  The first five minutes were minutes of absolute physical dominance.  MTK were all over the place, in awe at the physicality of Diosgyor.  Somehow they survived.  But not for long.  The first of MTK’s attacks broke down fairly swiftly which led to Elek ‘runs like a horse’ Akos breaking free,  Lajos saved the first shot, before the follow-up was swept home by George Griffiths (soon to appear in Family Guy).

This was soon followed by a soaring header by George for DVTK’s second marking their second chance of the game.

2014-11-22 13.39.59

Half-time with one of the Hun words that is not a false friend.  I am looking at you occasion and French.

Fortunately, BacsiJozsi brought on Bese and Horvath to make our flanks far more physical.  If Horvath does not start in the next few games, I will be very upset.  He changed the game and currently looks like MTK’s best player.  Take a look for yourself at the highlights.  MTK totally dominated the second half but the ball always seemed to be half a metre away from where it should have been (i.e in the back of the net).  After seventy minutes, MTK seemed to die on their feet as it became increasingly unlikely that they would score the two required.  And so it turned out….

The officials were terrible.  Szabo (‘even my Mum f””ing hates me’) Zsolt, I mean you.  You totally lost control of the game.  If you are going to constantly warn someone for dissent, just send him off rather than constantly imitating that (Torgelle in this case).  How did George (Family Guy) Griffiths commit 15 fouls including a couple of blood inducing elbows and not get booked?  You constantly responded to the catcalls of the (away) fans to give decision on request.  You seemed to have little understanding of what the lines of the pitch mean.  Your assistants have little understanding of the offside rule.  How do you get these jobs?  You are overweight: you cannot keep up with play: you are probably from Felcsut.

Diosgyor fans were great (just like Stoke’s).  Even those in the MTK section.  Much respect (apart from the taunting of Sanyi).  You should be the model that MLSZ encourages.  F”k chance of that happening.

2014-11-22 13.43.19

How did this guy get a) a ticket and b) into the MTK section with the much fabled fan card regime to stop this?

So I am upset.  MTK (for the first time this season) lose a game that they deserved something from.  Again I worry that we will be gobbled up by the chasing pack (denying a TimmyBacsi does Europe edition) and that Vidi will make the league a procession (we know you want that Orban ‘you flying f”k “I used to support Ujpest, I mean Vidi, I mean Russia”‘ Viktor).

MTK tried and that is all I want from my team.  Thiam (our your Senegalese midfielder starting for the first time in the absence of Poloskei (injured)), Hidvegi and Vass P (MoM IMHO (take that acronyms)) all played well.  Torgelle looked better.

So the end of the first half of the season ends in a lowlight presenting me with the prospect of going to Vidi-Fradi wanting both teams to lose.  Shall I go?  Kate Bush would, wouldn’t she?

2014-11-22 13.49.55

For you in Bogota x


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