Brother Cousins – Hungary (Home) Review

I seem to have run out of ideas of how to start a blog post after my linguistical exploits last time out so I will get right into it.

UEFA’s policy of no drink inside the stadium meant a fan policy of ‘neck it’ just outside the stadium (unless you have a secret smuggling route).  This is wonderful news for the entrepreneurial tramp who makes HUF 5 per can and a whole lot more on a bottle.  The Ferencvaros stadium seems to have employed some of the scariest/least intelligent men known to man as security guards.  Rumour has it that the head of the security company running the gig has served time for murder/manslaughter.  I can imagine they were especially kind to the lovely (and confused) Finnish fans.DSC_0607

The Hungarian team was more or less as expected with the exception of Simon Krisztian starting and Fiola (not Italian) Attila in place of Varga Jozsef.  Fiola was the player who impressed me most for what it is worth.  The rest of the team was frankly terrible.  The Finns probably edged ahead in terms of play in the first half and were lucky not to score when Kiraly turned a flashed effort onto the post.  Apart from that Hungary’s defence was fairly solid.

Things were somewhat different at the other end.  Szalai and his replacement Nikolic struggled to make an impact as Hungary went for a 4-5-1 setup.  Both looked isolated throughout the game.  Simon seemed too lightweight whereas Dzsudzsak promises so much but in the end delivers so little.  At times, he thinks he is Ronaldo (as do his team mates) but alas the truth is far from that.  Gera was awful.  No idea what his pass completion percentage was but he seemingly gave the ball away at every opportunity.  He even contrived to get Dzsudzsak booked (could prove costly) by selling him short on a simple pass in the middle of the pitch.  In the end though, Gera was the hero glancing home a header from a superb Loverencsics cross.

DSC_0620The Finns threw all they had at it in the final ten minutes, but leave Budapest with nothing (but a very cheap hangover by their standards).  In all honesty, neither team look great, but with the Faroe Islands beating Greece in Greece, third place is well and truly there for the taking.  It seemed like most of the Hungarian fans appreciated this and should be applauded for the atmosphere that may have ultimately made the difference.


Best news of the night is that the souvenir shop sell Kanta shirts.  See you on Monday when I have the cash to buy one ))  Also I have a way to get beer into the Fradi stadium.  But I am not going to tell you how…DSC_0614


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