So a quick trip to the Puszta (Hungarian Great Plain) to see Gyongyi’s family, gives me the opportunity to visit the famous home of OMTK (or Orosházi Munkás Testedző Kör or Oroshaza Workers’ Body Practising Circle) – the pride of Oroshaza.  Unfortunately, the team were up in Dunakeszi for a game so we had no chance to see how the Third Division – Central side carry the initials of MTK.

 Here are some photos of the stadium though.  You will not be surprised to hear that it is called the Mátrai Sándor Stadion after Mátrai Sandor, a local lad made good (sic) playing for Ferencvaros.  He also picked up some eighty odd caps for the national side playing in three World Cups from ’58 to ’66.


I particularly enjoy the press box modelled, which may (or may not) have been gifted by the Bulgarian government following the renovation of the old chairlift in one of their ski resorts in 1981.  I guess we’ll never know.


No floodlights so all home games have to kick off at 13.30 now that Summer Time is but a distant memory, but more than made up for with an open to the public running track.

Interestingly,  they play in the same division as ESMTK.  I could develop a sub-blog where I spend my weekends watching Hungarian teams with MTK in their initials.  Alternatively, at that point I could wind up the blog and write about cooking or photography or types of cheese.

DSC_0535Future cheese blogger


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