Rodericked! – Ujpest (Home) Review

The first time I have turned up to a match late in my life.  One minute and one second missed.  Not much in the grand scheme of things, but I hope it is not the start of a standard slipping.  Although the game and what followed could fully justify a standard slipping of all mighty proportions.

DSC_0562The odd goal in one again won (broadly in line with my prediction says the  ex-Big 4 Adviser (known for their vagaries)).  Alas, this time it was for the other team and MTK’s seven game winning streak belly flopped to its end.  The game was poor and a perfect support for those who are all too willing to affirm that “Magyar Foci – Szar!” (Hungarian football is sh’t).  It was and maybe it is.  The passing was askew (I hope these boys do not get passing completion bonuses), not helped by a pitch that is getting a total battering on three games a fortnight (Hideegkuti Nandor still standing by the way).  Neither team seemed particularly enthused to play at all (although good on the injured Doctor Horvath for watching from the stands – how we missed you).

DSC_0576Gyongyi loves Gedeon

First half was non-descript.  Both in action and in my words.  Gyongyi seemed unable to translate my chant requesting that they had a rocket placed up their arse (thanks Dad for that linguistical (sic) sleight of words).

Second half promised more of the same.  Until the soporific Torghelle burst through the inside right to be tumbled by a clumsy man in purple.  Penalty.  Kanta slotted it wide (which in years to come will be burning evidence of the latent match fixing in the Hungarian game).  No more Kanta Klaus.  Ujpest and their fans (best this season) were roused to the occasion and the momentum well and truly swung.  A justly disallowed goal preceded a justly allowed goal.  0-1.  And that is how it finished.  MTK never looked like getting back into it.  In fact, this looked liked the start of a slide into mediocrity and a mid-table finish.  I hope not.  A team that has won 14 of the last 17 deserve more,  But a Vidi win took them six points clear again and the prospect of a cakewalk (love you Collingwood) looks ever more likely.

The fun came after the game as the MTK were imprisoned after the stadium to allow the away fans the waltz their way home, firecrackers in hand.  Apparently this is MLSZ policy…time to write to the MLSZ.DSC_0572This sign is about as clear as MLSZ’s leadership of Hungarian football.  It means First Aid.  Good luck if you need a tetanus jab.


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